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Courthouse Policies

Emergency Closure Policy

Please Note: A decision to close or delay opening the Montgomery County Circuit Court is made by the County Administrative Judge, and does not follow the decisions made by the Montgomery County Government or the Montgomery County Public Schools. In making the emergency closure decision, the judge is mindful of the fact that the Court labors under a heavy burden of cases, and that it can be seriously disruptive to litigants, witnesses, victims, and others if a Court or Clerk’s office is evacuated, closed, or delayed unnecessarily. Therefore, every effort is made to maintain regular business hours unless a delayed opening or closure is absolutely necessary.

If the Circuit Court experiences a delayed opening or closure due to weather or any other emergency event, the following resources will broadcast the information:

  • - WMAL, NBC/News 4, Fox News Channel 5, WJLA-TV Channel 7, News Channel 8, WUSA-TV Channel 9, WTOP, WBAL-TV Channel 11.
  • - A dedicated Circuit Court telephone number 240-777-9399 with a recorded message of the closure.
  • - Residents may register with Alert Montgomery to receive alerts about the Montgomery County Circuit Court and other County offices.

If a proceeding is scheduled on a day that the Circuit Court is unexpectedly closed, a notice from the Assignment Office will be mailed to all parties involved in the case with the rescheduled court date and time.

Additional information for jurors about emergency closures is available on the Jury Office Home Page.

Adult Drug Court Inclement Weather Policy

Weather-related closings are treated as follows:

  • If the courthouse is closed on a Thursday that you are due in court, you will be contacted by your case manager.
  • OAS and urinalysis is ONLY closed if public transportation shuts down.
  • PRC residents MUST follow the directives of PRC staff. If you are not permitted to leave the building due to inclement weather, your absence will be considered excused.
  • Call the Urinalysis Hotline to listen for weather-related closings.
  • If you are still unsure about whether or not there is COURT, call your CASE MANAGER.
  • If you are still unsure about whether or not there is OAS GROUPS or URINALYSIS, call your THERAPIST.
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