KIDS SPOT: Child Waiting Area

LOCATION:  South Tower, 1st Floor, Rm 1440

PHONE:  240-773-3915

KIDS SPOT is a free service provided by the Courthouse to allow children to have fun while their families are conducting business at the Circuit Court.

The Center is stocked with games, books, toys, and arts & craft supplies. Staff also plan and organize activities for children of different ages throughout the day that they can join at any time.

Feel free to visit the Center to look around and ask the staff any additional questions you may have.

AGES: KIDS SPOT accepts children between the ages of 3 and 12.

HOURS: KIDS SPOT is open every day the Court is open, Monday-Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. However, the Center closes for lunch between 12:30 pm and 1:15 pm, so parents and guardians must make arrangements to pick up their children before 12:30 pm.

NOTE: Children must be picked up by 5:00 pm even if court proceedings are still ongoing.

KIDS SPOT cannot accept:

  • Children whose parents are serving on Jury Duty
  • Children whose parents have business outside the Circuit Court, for instance, at District Court across the street
  • Children of courthouse staff

Step-by-step instructions for dropping your child off at KIDS SPOT:

  1. Allow 15 minutes to complete the Registration and Program Policies forms.
  2. A staff member will review the “Kids Spot Guidelines for Guardians” brochure with you before you leave the child.
  3. A photo label of you and your child will be created for your child to wear. You must visibly wear a Kids Spot Visitor Badge at all times.
  4. You may not leave the building.
  5. If you change locations inside the courthouse, you must notify Kids Spot of the change by calling 240-773-3915.
  6. You must pick up your child as soon as your business with the court has concluded.

You must present valid ID at both check-in and check-out time.

Brochure, Forms, & Annual Report

Registration Form (English) PDF
Sala de Espera Kida Spot Formulario de Inscripcion PDF
Kids Spot Center Annual Report PDF

Watch a video that explains where to park for jury duty.Watch an English or Spanish video to learn more about the Kids Spot registration process and the Center’s policies and procedures .

Kids Spot video to learn more about Kids SpotWatch an English or Spanish video to learn more about Kids Spot

The Circuit Court also has two Wellness Rooms for nursing mothers who have business within the courthouse. This includes nursing mothers called for Jury Service.

LOCATION: South Tower, Rooms 1441 & 1442

Each Wellness room is private with the ability to lock it from inside. Each room also includes a sink and electrical outlets, but no refrigerator.


The Center is staffed by two experienced caregivers from Family Services, Inc. who have been carefully screened, trained, and are qualified to work with a mixed age group of children.

Yes, KIDS SPOT staff offer nut-free snacks and water to all children attending the Center. Parents and guardians are also allowed to leave snacks with their children. All baby bottles brought into KIDS SPOT must be labeled with the child’s name and the time they should receive the bottle (the Center will provide the labels).

KIDS SPOT staff will ask the parent or guardian to administer any routine medication to his/her child before leaving the Center. Staff are trained in the administration of emergency medication (e.g., Epinephrine/EpiPen® and Inhalers) and will provide this to the child if necessary. Staff will notify the parent or guardian at the onset of any signs or symptoms of an allergic response or asthma episode.

In case of an emergency all children will be evacuated to the Red Brick Courthouse (across the street at 27 Courthouse Square). If this happens, proceed directly to the Red Brick Courthouse to be reunited with your child. To get there, go out the front doors of the courthouse, cross Maryland Avenue and enter the front door of the Red Brick Courthouse.