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Preparedness for Terrorism & Other Emergencies

Plan 9 logoIn the event of a terrorism incident, pandemic flu, natural disaster or other emergency in Montgomery County, our health and public safety officials are prepared to respond quickly to protect you and your family. The County, in collaboration with state and federal health and public safety agencies, is actively engaged in terrorism surveillance, detection and other safety activities on a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week basis.

Whether it’s the threat of bioterrorism or a severe winter storm, residents are encouraged to prepare for emergencies. The Plan 9 checklist will help you prepare and be ready to cope with emergency situations.

Create a Family Disaster Plan

Plan how your family will stay in contact if separated by a disaster; pick two meeting places:

  1. a location a safe distance away from your home in case of fire; and
  2. a location outside your neighborhood in case an evacuation prevents you from returning home. Choose an out-of-state friend or relative as a “check-in contact” for everyone to call. Try to keep cell phone use to a minimum to avoid overwhelming the system.

Meet Your Neighbors

Get to know your neighbors and determine how you can work together after a disaster. Consider how you can reach out and help those neighbors who have special needs, such as the frail elderly or persons with disabilities. Make place for childcare in case parents can’t get home.

In the event of an emergency, turn on your radio and listen for information from the Emergency Broadcast System on  WTOP (FM-103.5) and  WMAL (AM-630).


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