Keeping It Safe

Keeping it Safe is a public education campaign geared towards both the hospitality industry and the community with educational material.

Adult Host Responsibility
A social host responsibility campaign promoted throughout the year through brochures in English and Spanish.
Aiming at changing the culture, social host responsibility promotes parental communication and zero tolerance for under 21 alcohol use.

Keeping it Safe Tip Sheets for Responsible Hospitality in the Community

Business Alliance
Business Alliances serve as a community based umbrella in which local businesses work with state, county and local government to implement education and enforcement programs.
Efforts include Cops in Shops, Extra Eyes, free or reduced cost server training, policy training, assessments and business evaluations.
Business Alliances educate on alcohol related crime stemming from over service and service of alcohol to persons under the age of 21.

Keeping it Safe Tip Sheets for Responsible Hospitality

Point of Sale Signage
For materials to post and distribute at your business, visit the Licensure Office.

Keeping it SAFE, Under Twenty-One Alcohol Prevention Coalition
This independent coalition's main mission is to deter underage alcohol use, reduce adolescent access to alcohol and reduce the effects of alcohol use in youth under the age of 21.

Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services Partners with Responsible Retailing Forum (RRF) to bring you Recommended Practices for Off-Premise Alcohol Retailers
The RRF's Retailer Work Group, consisting of national retail chains, training organizations and mystery shop vendors; state regulators and attorneys general; producers; and researchers has identified recommended practices to reduce underage sales and service of alcohol by off-premises licensees.
Every responsible retailer should adopt these practices.
The list is not all-inclusive and retailers may engage in additional practices to reduce illegal underage sales.

Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services Partners with Responsible Hospitality Insititute (RHI) to Assist Businesses and Communities Create Safe and Vibrant Communities to Socialize
RHI provides technical assistance that builds local capacity, incubates and shares cutting-edge information and proven strategies, and links a broad-based network of professionals who plan, manage and police dining and entertainment districts.

Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services Partners with "We Don't Serve Teens"
Most teens who drink get alcohol from "social sources" at parties, from older friends, from their parents’ cabinets.
Teen drinking is linked to injury and risky behavior.
We can reduce teen drinking by stopping teens’ easy access to alcohol.
Help us achieve this goal, learn more, visit

Complimentary Websites

The Keeping it Safe (KIS) Coalition is a multi-agency, public-private coalition established in 1992 with the goals of deterring underage alcohol use and reducing youth access to alcohol.

KIS encourages student teams from Montgomery County public and private high schools and middle schools to create a 30-second public service message from one of these topics about the risks and dangers of under 21 alcohol use:

  • Topic 1: Standing Your Ground: Fighting Peer Pressure from Friends to Drink
  • Topic 2: Ways to Help/Support Friends Who are Abusing Alcohol
  • Topic 3: How Alcoholic Drinks Affect Mental Health

Please note that this is not an anti-drunk driving message contest. The contest is open to teams of two or more students enrolled in Montgomery County public or private schools or in faith-based or service-based organizations.

Why participate?

Student teams compete for cash prizes for their affiliated organization (checks are payable to schools or organizations only).

Prizes are as follows:

High School Middle School
1st place - $1000 1st place - $500
2nd place - $500 2nd place - $300
3rd place - $350 3rd place - $250
Honorable Mention - $100 Honorable Mention - $100

Returning This Year!

The video that receives the most "likes" will receive an additional prize of $150!


Winners will be contacted via email or by phone once the winning entries have been selected. Prizes will be awarded at a reception hosted by Montgomery County’s Alcohol Beverage Services and the Police Department in early May. 


Eligible For SSL Hours! 

We are offering 5 SSL hours. For more details, see here.


Info Meeting 


Join us for a virtual information session on January 16th, 2023 or January 18th, 2023 at 3:30 p.m. EST


Session slides available here.


Tips For Your Video


All entries must be 30 seconds in length and should not include copyrighted images without permission. Copyrighted materials include, but are not limited to magazines, books, DVDs, websites, films, YouTube and music.

Here are some helpful resources to help you with your video:


Ready to submit your entry?

It’s easy! Just fill out our online application and share the link to your video entry. Don't forget to fill out a consent and release form per each participating student.  Entries are due March 31, 2024 by 4:00 PM.



If you have any questions regarding the contest, contact:

Roddy Aguirre


[email protected]