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Tuesday Snow - Schedule changes:

Council office is open on schedule with a liberal leave policy in effect for employees. Council session will begin at 12:30 pm.
Cancelled: Briefing on Blizzard of 2016 clean up is cancelled and will be rescheduled for some time in March.
Delayed start: Council session will begin at 12:30 pm
Earlier start time: GO/PHED Committee at 1:45 pm
Postponed: 7:00 pm CIP public hearing is postponed to Wednesday, February 10 at 7:00pm.

Public Participation

Montgomery County residents are very much a part of the Council's decision-making process. Whether the decision is a new law, a master plan, or the budget, Council rules and procedures provide for the consideration of views received at public hearings, by mail, e-mail, by telephone, or in person.

If you wish to testify in person at a public hearing, you must sign up in advance. You can sign up here or call to 240-777-7803. Please click on the link below to expand and view each topics in detail. 

Persons wishing to speak at any advertised public hearing may Sign up Online to testify. Organization representatives and individuals receive three minutes. The Council also encourages written testimony and accepts petitions.

Speakers will not be allowed to cede time to other speakers.

Please provide 15 copies of your testimony and give them to the clerk as soon as you arrive. Speakers should use their allotted time to summarize more extensive written testimony which is submitted for the record.

The Council usually hears from about 30 speakers at an evening public hearing. If there are more speakers than the Council can hear, staff tries to ensure that the Council hears from all points of view. While in-person participation is encouraged, the Council does not make its decisions by counting the number of speakers for and against an issue or the number of people in the hearing room. Councilmembers carefully weigh the evidence that comes to them in person, in writing, and through their own research and the research done by staff. They often study the experience of other jurisdictions and consult with members of the community about the potential impact of a law.

The Council President will call speakers to come to the witness table in groups of five or six. Please remain seated until all the members of your panel have spoken. Councilmembers reserve their questions until all the members of the panel have given their testimony.

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