Colesville Road PRSA

The Colesville Road High Incident Area (HIA), which stretches from Fenton Street to North Noyes Street, was the study area for a PRSA conducted in November 2011. The Montgomery County of Department of Transportation (MCDOT) teamed Maryland State Highway Administration (MSHA) staff to conduct this two-day audit in Silver Spring. This segment of Colesville Road was notable, particularly because of the density of unique “traffic generators”, including dining, and shopping bisected by a major regional corridor.

Since the audit was conducted, MCDOT has taken measures to improve sidewalk and ADA ramp conditions. Visibility of street signs was improved by removing overgrown vegetation. MCDOT and MSHA are currently exploring more opportunities for pedestrian, bicycle, signal timings, and ADA-related improvements.

  • Click here to access the Colesville Road PRSA summary report.

  • Click here to access the Colesville Road Pre-PRSA Stakeholder Presentation.