Four Corners PRSA

In January of 2010, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) performed  a road safety audit (PRSA) at the intersection of Colesville Road and University Boulevard in Silver Spring, Maryland; commonly known as Four Corners.

The audit area includes Montgomery Blair High School with a student population of nearly 3,000 students. This along with the nearby Northwood High School, provided the unique opportunity to observe the pedestrian behaviors of teens and young adults and work towards developing education and outreach strategies for this unique demographic.

Since the audit, MCDOT is working with the Maryland State Highway Administration (MDSHA) to identify engineering improvements. These two agencies have already worked together in the design and construction of pedestrian signal improvements that were completed in early 2011. MCDOT has added additional pedestrian signs along MD 193.

  • Click here to access the Four Corners PRSA summary report.

  • Click here to access the Four Corners Pre-PRSA Stakeholder Presentation.