Georgia Avenue & Randolph Road PRSA

In the summer of 2012, Montgomery County performed a road safety audit (RSA) for the Maryland State Highway Administrations (SHA) future interchange located in Glenmont in Montgomery County Maryland. The SHA project was selected for an RSA due to the project area encompassing two of Montgomery County’s High Incident Areas (HIA) for pedestrian related crashes. The HIA segments include MD 97 from Glenallen Avenue to Mason Street and Randolph Road from Judson Road to Glenallen Avenue. The RSA allowed a unique opportunity to address concerns for accessibility and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists, along with the accommodation of efficient traffic operations during and after construction. The construction of the SHA project is anticipated to begin in spring 2014.

  • Click here to access the Georgia Avenue & Randolph Road PRSA summary report.

  • Click here to access the Pre-PRSA Stakeholder Presentation for the future Georgia Avenue & Randolph Road interchange.