Randolph Road - PRSA

In fall 2010, a pedestrian road safety audit (PRSA) was conducted on Randolph Road between Selfridge Road and Colie Drive in the Wheaton-Glenmont area of Montgomery County. The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) led a multi-disciplined team, including representatives from the Maryland State Highway Administration (MDSHA) and Arlington County (Virginia) Department of Transportation.

Since the completion of the audit, MCDOT’s PRSA program joined with its Sidewalk program to complete the installation of wider sidewalks along Randolph Road west of Veirs Mill Road and Selfridge Road. This effort included other measures, such as curb-side improvements, to help maintain the “usable” sidewalk width, which is commonly susceptible to encroachment by foliage and debris.

MCDOT has implemented median treatments (i.e., ornamental fencing) on Randolph Road between Selfridge Road and Colie Drive to help eliminate the prevalence of random mid-block crossings along this segment where there is significant “through” traffic volume and drivers may not expect encounter pedestrians. In January 2014 MCDOT worked with MDSHA to reconstruct the traffic signal for Randolph Road at Selfridge Road to include APS/CPS, and LED signals. In the spring of 2014, enhanced lighting will be installed.


  • Click here to access the Randolph Road PRSA summary report.

Randolph Road PRSA Summary Report