Rockville Pike PRSA

In the summer of 2009, MCDOT led a multi-disciplined team, including representatives from the City of Rockville, the City of Laurel, and the Maryland State Highway Administration (MSHA) in the performance of a two-day, daytime and nighttime pedestrian road safety audit (PRSA) along Rockville Pike from Hubbard Drive to Halpine Road.

The Rockville Pike PRSA, also involved stakeholders from the elderly and disabled communities, who where notably impacted by existing conditions. This section of the “Pike” is a six-lane major highway, aligned primarily with commercial and retail developments. This area is also well-served by bus transit and the nearby Twinbrook Metrorail station. These characteristics result in a confluence of considerable pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular demand.

Since the audit was conducted, MCDOT and MSHA have coordinated to implement pedestrian-related safety improvements, which include the installation of countdown pedestrian signals (CPS) at two intersections (implemented in early 2011), and the widening of 1,600 feet of existing sidewalks. MSHA are currently exploring more opportunities for pedestrian, bicycle, and ADA-related improvements.

  • Click here to access the Rockville Pike PRSA summary report.

  • Click here to access the Rockville Pike Pre-PRSA Stakeholder Presentation.