Message from County Executive

Montgomery County has a serious problem. An analysis of 2012 pedestrian collisions found that nearly 30 percent of them – 125 collisions – occurred in private parking lots. What’s worse, almost 20 percent of those collisions were serious enough to cause debilitating injuries.

One of the highest priorities of my administration is improving pedestrian safety. Although we have made great strides since the release of my Pedestrian Safety Initiative in December 2007, much more remains to be done. Pedestrian collisions on roadways actually decreased in 2012, but these gains were more than offset by an increase in collisions in parking lots.

Reducing pedestrian collisions is a complex issue with no easy solution. That is why we have created a supplemental pedestrian safety strategic plan that focuses on improving safety in parking lots and launched an education campaign to tackle this problem.

On this website you will find the materials developed to inform the public. I hope you will use these resources to help us spread the word about improving parking lot pedestrian safety through social media; civic, school, religious or other organizations to which you belong; your neighborhood; or your employer. Together, I believe we can make a substantial difference in reducing pedestrian collisions and needless suffering.