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Did you know?

Last year alone, 274 kids ages 10-19 were killed while walking.

It’s no secret that teens and pre-teens are often distracted by technology: texting, listening to music, playing games. These behaviors become a safety issue when people your age cross the street while distracted.

Safe Routes to School needs students like you to help champion walking and biking! There are several ways you can get involved in your community and at your school and make a real difference. Volunteers lead campaigns, organize bike and walk events, and assist with various other activities.

Check out these great opportunities:

  • Plan Special Events Make sure your school participates in International Walk and Bike to School Days (October and May). Talk to your principal about it and see how you can help to plan it.
  • Collect Data Use the walkability and bikeability checklist in the Resources section to take an audit of your school’s walking and biking environment. Then you can use your audit to help point out the dangers and safety hazards around your school.
  • Work with Kids Help teach children the valuable skills and necessary information needed to be safe while walking and biking to school. Assist with pedestrian and bicycle education programs, lead a walking school bus or bike train at your school, write an article in the school newsletter on the benefits of walking and biking, guide families on community walks, etc.
  • Get Creative Talk to your principal or teacher about doing a “Take Action Against Distraction” Video or Poster Contest. Students could create and submit videos or posters that would remind students to be safe and do the right thing when walking or biking.

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Take action

There are lots of ways to get involved. If you have any questions or need more information please contact Duwan Morris, 240-777-7169 or with the Montgomery County Safe Routes to School program.