1. At what age can children walk to school by themselves?

There is no state or federal law setting a legal age minimum before children can walk to school alone. Children, even if they are in the same grade, vary in their readiness to handle traffic situations. In general, children are not ready to cross a street alone until age 10. Parents are responsible for selecting their student’s walking routes to and from bus stops and schools. Parents are encouraged to walk with students to and from school bus stops or school, especially younger students. Doing so enables parents to teach safe walking practices, safe bus-waiting practices, and traffic awareness, and to model wellness by walking for exercise. This is also a good time to talk about “stranger danger.” Remind children that they should not approach just anyone. If they need help, look for a uniformed police officer, a store clerk with a nametag, or a parent with children. Parents should also remind children of the importance of asking permission before going anywhere with anyone and that they should pay attention to what people do. Make sure they know to tell you right away if anyone asks them to keep a secret, makes them feel uncomfortable, or tries to get them to go with them.

For additional information about when children are ready to walk alone, see the resource developed by the National Center for Safe Routes to School called Teaching Children to Walk Safely as They Grow and Develop.

2. Bus stop

If your bus stop has been relocated or you have a concern with your current bus stop location, please contact your Transportation Cluster Manager. If you’re not sure who that is, please visit

3. Sidewalk

If you would like to request that sidewalks be installed in your neighborhood, you can submit a request via  This link will take you to the Division of Transportation Engineering. On this page you will be able to see an interactive map of pending sidewalk requests, see completed sidewalk requests, and submit a sidewalk application form.

4. Crosswalks, Flashers, Signage

If there is a crosswalk that needs to be restriped or if there is no crosswalk where you think there should be, please contact Montgomery County Department of Transportation at 311 or via email at You may also use these contacts if you have any questions/requests for school signage or school flashers.

5. Crossing Guards

The Montgomery County Police School Safety Section is responsible for the oversight of school crossing guards and the safety patrol program. If you have a question about either of these or would like to request a crossing guard, please contact MCPD at 240-773-6600.