Create a Walking School Bus

Now that many Montgomery County Public School students are returning to in-person instruction, it is time to create a Walking School Bus in your neighborhood. We are encouraging students to stay healthy, active, and safe by walking to school. The Walking School Bus is a great program to teach children about traffic safety and the rules of the road. The resources below will help you start a safe and efficient Walking School Bus. Let’s get started!


What is a Walking School Bus?
  • A walking school bus (WSB) is a safe and fun way for children to get physical activity as they travel (walk) to and from school with adult supervision.
  • Each “bus” walks along a set route with one or more adults leading it, picking children up at designated stops along a predetermined route and walking them to school.

Who can use a Walking School Bus?
  • Students and families who are within walking distance to school and walk the same or similar route to get to school.

Where does a Walking School Bus go?
  • To school in the mornings and back home in the afternoons.

Why create a Walking School Bus?

There are many benefits in participating in Walking School Bus, including:

  • Increasing daily physical activity
  • Opportunities to learn about and practice road safety
  • Save $ on gas and reduce car emissions
  • Reduce traffic in school zones
  • Meeting other families and making new friends
  • It’s fun!

How do I start a Walking School Bus?

Step-by-Step Guide Forms and Organization Tools Flyer to Share with Neighbors Songs Equipment List


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