Montgomery County Employee Preparedness

To promote an environment of preparedness and safety among County employees, contractors, and visitors, each department in Montgomery County Government participates in emergency planning, training, and drills to provide awareness of safety procedures.

Annually, each department participates in the update of their Facility Emergency Action Plan (FEAP) to ensure that the protocols are consistently updated to align with changes to building structure, personnel, and current best practices. Each department has a designated Facility Emergency Coordinator (FEC) to work with OEMHS to conduct these plan updates, schedule drills, and to train employees on the Facility's FEAP. 

The FEAP gives instructions on emergency evacuations, shelter in place, employee accountability, and employee responsibilities. This includes evacuation routes, floor plans, and assembly areas for each facility. If you have any questions about how this program affects your department, please contact your department Facility Emergency Coordinator (FEC) who is the point of contact for Facility Emergency Action Plans and evacuation drills.

Quarterly, and by department request, the County offers Employee Emergency Preparedness training. At the training, OEMHS, MCPD, and MCFRS train employees on preparing emergency kits, fire safety, active assailant safety, and more. At this training, employees also learn about the Montgomery County Government Internal Alert System for employees. 

Each department is evaluated on plan completion, annual drill participation, drill after action reports, and training of County employees and contractors on the plan for their facility.