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Montgomery County, Maryland
Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD)

When a disaster occurs, neighbors and community organizations are often eager to help. The Montgomery County COAD is an organization formed to improve awareness of the needs of the community and connect the capabilities of community partners with those needs during all stages of an event. The Montgomery County COAD hopes to provide opportunities for community organizations to get involved to make the community and its members safer and more prepared for threats of disasters of all kinds.

What is a COAD? 

COAD stands for “Community Organizations Active in Disaster”. A COAD is a local group of community organizations that coordinates emergency human services, while working in concert with partner agencies, including the local emergency management agency and social service agencies, during all stages of a disaster. 

What does the Montgomery County COAD do?

The Montgomery County COAD is a collaborative partnership between community stakeholders – voluntary, private and non-profit organizations – that assists in organizing community efforts to provide needed services to community members that arise as the result of a disaster that occurs in the County. The goal of the Montgomery County COAD is to organize and deploy community resources in an efficient and timely manner during each phase of a disaster.

Why get involved? 

As a community organization in Montgomery County, you can help prepare the community for disasters and provide much needed assistance to community members if an event occurs. Joining the Montgomery County COAD allows your organization to help your community in an organized and effective way. 

With a strong and organized COAD, Montgomery County will have more resources to respond to a disaster or event that occurs in our community, adding to our community's preparedness and resiliency. 

How to get involved? 

The Montgomery County COAD is looking for any agency, business, civic group, faith based organization, or any other community organization that may provide assistance to the community during all phases of a disaster or event. 

If you are an individual looking to get involved with COAD, check out the COAD volunteer organizations .

If your organization would like to get involved in the Montgomery County COAD, please take a moment to send an e-mail to our Outreach Coordinator, Patrick Fleming

If you have any questions, send an e-mail to our Outreach Coordinator, Patrick Fleming.




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