Reverse 911

Reverse 911 is a service that allows the county to call county residents in their homes in the event of a disaster. This service can reach the entire county or a specific area if the disaster is localized.

The system will only work with landline phones and not with cellular phones.There are no steps you need to take in order to receive calls through the reverse 911 system. However, you should not rely on this system as your only means of receiving information.

Pay attention to instructions from Alert Montgomery, television, or radio news outlets following a disaster.

Emergency Alert System

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) allows county and state officials to break into radio broadcasts during an emergency. The primary EAS radio stations include:

  • WTOP-FM 103.5
  • WTOP-AM 1500
  • WMAL-AM 630

Alert Montgomery

Sign up for Alert Montgomery - Montomery County's text and e-mail alert system