Co-Parenting Program (Parent Education and Custody Effectiveness, or PEACE)

HOURS: Offered Online

PHONE: 240-777-9342

Family Division Services is committed to helping families experiencing separation and divorce develop positive working relationships for the benefit of their children. To facilitate this, the Court utilizes Online Parenting Programs, a program designed to provide innovative online parent education classes for families in transition. The program offers parents an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to keep their children out of family conflicts and raise them peacefully between separate households. It encourages parents to assume responsibility for creating environments in which their children are their first priority.

The program costs $25 per class to parents with a court order from the Montgomery County Circuit Court. Additionally, Montgomery County residents who have been ordered by another Circuit Court to attend a parenting class may also access this program.

Download some helpful resources for parents attending co-parenting classes (PDF)

Two parents walking with child

NOTE: You must arrive on time for parenting classes to be admitted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About the Co-Parenting Program

The classes focus primarily on the following three topics:

  • The effects of divorce and separation on adults;
  • The effects of divorce and separation on children and how parents can help them cope with this transition in their lives; and
  • Promoting effective communication between parents

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