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Administrative Aides

LOCATION:  North Tower 3rd Floor, Rm 3121

HOURS:  Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm

PHONE:  240-777-9106 or 240-777-9035

Roles & Responsibilities

The Administrative Aides of the Montgomery County Circuit Court review the following civil and criminal motions for compliance with the appropriate Maryland Rules of Procedure for the Circuit Court’s Administrative Judge:

  • Advancements
  • ASTAR: Complex Science and/or Medical Case Management Program
  • Audit of Civil Files
  • Business and Technology
  • Circulations for Disqualification
  • Class Actions
  • Consolidations (all cases must be at issue)
  • Criminal Mental Evaluation Orders
  • Criminal Requests for Transcripts
  • Default
  • Deferral of Dismissal
  • Discovery in Aid of Enforcement: Contact Magistrate Keating directly to schedule examinations/hearings prior to filing a motion.
    • Examinations/hearings are held:
      Office of Magistrate & Examiner John C. Keating
      401 East Jefferson Street, Suite #201
      Rockville, MD 20850
      Phone: 301-340-1133
  • Postponements
  • Ratifications of Foreclosure Sale (deed of trust)
  • Separate Trials or Bifurcations
  • Special Assignments
  • Transfers to Other Jurisdictions within Maryland
  • Vacate Dismissal
  • Withdraw Appearance of Counsel
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