Law Library Catalog Search Tips

Simple Search

Use Simple Search to search keyword(s) or a phrase.

Keywords can include:

  • Title,
  • Author,
  • Subject,
  • Call number, or
  • Publisher

Put exact phrases in quotes, such as "United States" or “fiduciary duty.”

Learn more search tricks at “What is a Boolean Search?” from the New York Public Library.

Advanced Search

Select field: Select Word(s) to search keywords or a phrase. Select a field (e.g., Subject) to limit the search to a particular field.

Search: Enter the terms to be searched. Terms may be entered as keywords or a phrase. When performing multiple searches, select an operator (see below); otherwise, click on Search to execute your search. Click on Start Over to clear the search fields and selected options.

Operator: Select AND to narrow results to records containing both search queries. Select OR to expand results to records containing either search query. Select AND NOT to limit the results to records containing the search query but specifically exclude records containing the following query.


Matching: Select Match ALL Keywords to narrow your search using AND (Term1 AND Term2 AND Term3). Select Match ANY Keyword to expand your search using OR (Term1 OR Term2 OR Term3).

Find: Select Linked Media to include website links in your search and or Faceted Search to enable browse searching.

Year: Enter a single year or range of years to limit your search by publication date.

Limit/view search results: Select from the lists provided to limit your search. Once results display, these lists also provide the number of results found (e.g., Format: Book (151), Maps (1), Visual Materials (3), etc.).