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If you’re curious about what’s beneath the surface, SCUBA may be right for you. SCUBA stands for "Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus," which is exactly what you’ll learn to use in our SCUBA programs. The skills you learn in these programs could take you to the depths of the ocean.

SCUBA training will teach safe use of all equipment, such as air tanks, buoyancy control and underwater breathing regulators. Successful completion of the course, exam and "checkout dives" will earn the student a NAUI SCUBA Diver certification card. Before instruction begins, all participants must demonstrate comfort in the water. The course fee covers use of air tanks, buoyancy control devices and underwater breathing regulators for all pool training sessions. Necessary diving equipment (mask, snorkel, fins) and required text materials will be an additional cost.

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Contact instructors for more details:

Olney Indoor Swim Center:
Scott Hagedorn

Germantown Swim Center:
Scott Hagedorn

MLK Swim Center:
Joe Lodmell