Service Learning Opportunities

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Earn Student Service Learning Hours

Student service learning (SSL) is a high school graduation requirement in the state of Maryland. Montgomery County Recreation offers students the opportunity to earn their mandated Student Service Learning (SSL) hours and learn new skills while having fun during the summer months. Focusing on leadership skills, each of these volunteer opportunities requires some training prior to earning SSL hours.

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Due to COVID-19, we will not have Junior Counselors, Therapeutic Recreation Junior Leaders or Therapeutic Recreation Mainstream/Inclusion Counselors for 2021.

Summer Leadership Challenge

SLC helps develop leadership skills and gives teens an opportunity to practice independent problem-solving skills. The program includes a capstone project that participants coordinate and implement for the benefit of the local community. Participants earn up to 35 SSL hours and receive individual evaluations.

Summer Leadership Challenge - Lifeguarding

Designed to introduce participants to what it takes to become a certified lifeguard. Participants must have basic swimming ability, be comfortable in deep water and submerging underwater. Instruction focuses on water skills needed for successful completion of the American Red Cross pre-course skills test for lifeguard training. Participants earn up to 35 SSL hours.