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Office of Consumer Protection

Board of Registration for Building Contractors

Created Montgomery County Code Section 31C-4
Purpose To certify to the Director of the Office of Consumer Protection whether the applicant or the organization is qualified to comply with the building codes and laws of the County and State, as those duties and responsibilities relate to the construction of new homes in the County. The Board may conduct hearings and pursue action against a licensee including revocation of the license.
Membership Five members - no more than two members must be active in the residential construction field at the time of their appointment.Members:  Builder representatives - Chuck Sullivan, Chairperson, 2014; Ralph Mollet, Vice Chairperson, 2015;   At-large representatives -  Frederick Kranz, 2013; Charlemagne Orisme, 2014; Vacant (2)
Terms Three year terms - no compensation
Meetings First Tuesday of each month at 8:30 a.m.
Staff To obtain a licensing package or to confirm the current license status of a builder, contact Pam Prather at 240.777.3718.
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