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Montgomery County Business Touchpoints by Department

Montgomery County Departments, Agencies and Offices interact with businesses in a variety of ways. Learn more about how Departments, Agencies and Offices of Montogmery County Government inteface with local businesses.  

Interactions with Businesses by Department

Alcohol Beverage Services (ABS)
Office of the County Executive
Department of Finance
Department of Housing & Community Affairs (DHCA)
Department of Permitting Services (DPS)
Health and Human Services, Licensure & Regulatory Services (L&R)
Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT)
Montgomery County Circuit Court
Office of Agriculture
Office of Animal Services
Office of Consumer Protection (OCP)
Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
Office of Human Rights
Office of Procurement
Public Libraries

Alcohol Beverage Services (ABS)

ABS is the alcohol wholesaler of beer, wine and spirits for Montgomery County. The department operates 25 beer, wine, and spirits stores including one spirits-only store in Poolesville, and manages alcohol licensing, enforcement, and education for more than 1,000 businesses. Generating nearly $300 million in net income over the past 10 years, ABS profits are used to pay down County debt with a large portion deposited in the County general fund to pay for resident services that would otherwise be funded by tax dollars. Visit the ABS website.

Licenses & Permits

ABS Licenses

Regulations & Laws

Alcohol regulations
Tobacco regulations

Office of the County Executive

Services & Resources

Business Advancement Team
Business Innovation Network
Business Portal
Economic Development Grants & Incentives

Department of Finance

Regulations & Laws

Business Personal Property Tax
Business Tax Credits
Property Tax Credits/Exemptions

Department of Housing & Community Affairs (DHCA)

The mission of the Department of Housing and Community Affairs is to plan and implement activities which prevent and correct problems that contribute to the physical decline of residential and commercial areas; maintain a marketplace which is fair to both landlords and tenants; increase the supply of new affordable housing; maintain existing housing in a safe condition, and support community programs that benefit our residents. Visit the DHCA web site

Licenses & Permits

Rental Licensing & Registration
Regulations & Laws
Landlord Rights & Responsibilities
Tenant Rights & Responsibilities

Services & Resources

Façade Easement
Group Home Rehabilitation Loan Program
Multi-family funding
Public Service Grants
Landlord-Tenant Handbook

Department of Permitting Services (DPS)

The Department of Permitting Services supports economic development in Montgomery County by issuing permits for residential and commercial building projects and inspecting those projects for compliance with health and safety codes. Visit the DPS web site

Licenses & Permits

Licenses and certificates
Land Use Permits
Residential Construction Permits
Commercial Building Construction Permits
Electrical & Mechanical Permits
Fire Prevention Permits
Zoning and Well & Septic Permits

Services & Resources

Code Enforcement
Design Consultation – meet with DPS to discuss the planned project in advance of starting work. 
Design for Life – Property Tax Incentive Program to make homes more universally accessible.
DPS Inspections
Recipes for Success – resources for opening a restaurant in Montgomery County

Health and Human Services, Licensure & Regulatory Services (L&R)

The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, through Licensure and Regulatory Services, licenses and inspects, under both county and state regulations, assisted living facilities; group homes; food service facilities (including restaurants, grocery stores, bars, mobile food trucks, and bed and breakfasts); facilities offering bingo, raffles and amusements; massage establishments; swimming pools; tanning facilities; transient lodging (hotels, bed and breakfasts and short-term residential rentals); and video game facilities. Visit the L&R web site

Licensing & Permits

Environmental Health -- This unit enforces the regulations associated with the operation of all licensed food service facilities.

Health Care Facilities -- This unit ensures the protection of the public health and quality of care through a program of inspection and investigation of licensed health care facilities such as nursing homes and large and small assisted living facilities. 

Licensing Services -- This unit processes and issues facility and personal licenses; receives complaints regarding licensed facilities; smoking, trans fat and menu labeling violations; and rats. Licensing Services also issues permits for a variety of businesses such as private schools, pools, tanning salons and lodging establishments and activities such as raffles, video games and short-term residential rentals. 

Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT)

MCDOT delivers a first-rate, multimodal transportation system in Montgomery County working with the people who use this system daily, to create the best transportation network possible for our community. Visit the MCDOT web site

Licenses & Permits

Taxi Licensing
Special Event Permits

Regulations & Laws

Development Review
Temporary Traffic Control
Traffic Mitigation Plans

Services & Resources

Garage Advertising Program
Commuter programs

Montgomery County Circuit Court

The Clerk’s Office issues approximately 15,000 business licenses each year. 

Business Licenses

Traders (Retail Stores, Wholesale Car Dealers, and Chain Stores)
Construction (Per 2019 Maryland Code - Business Regulation - Title 17 - Miscellaneous State Business Licenses Subtitle 6 - a construction license is required for businesses that pave or curb a sidewalk, street, or other public or private property; excavate earth, rock, or other material for a foundation or other purpose; or do work on or in a building or other structure that requires the use of a building material, including: paint; stone; brick; mortar; wood; cement; structural iron; structural steel; sheet iron; galvanized iron; metallic piping; tin; lead; electric wiring; or any other metal.)
Junk Dealers
Laundry/Dry Cleaners
Plumbers/Gas Fitters
Storage Warehouses
Trade Shows
Vending Machines
Video/Pinball/Music Boxes
Other Tobacco Products (Tobacconist)

Office of Agriculture

The Office of Agriculture promotes agriculture as a viable component of the County’s economic sector. Visit the Office of Agriculture web site. 

Services & Resources

Regulatory, marketing, and technical assistance to the County’s farmers.
Liaison between the agricultural community and County government.
Preservation of farmland as a resource for future agricultural food & fiber production.
Agricultural education and outreach.

Office of Animal Services

The Office of Animal Services licenses and inspects approximately 150 animal-related businesses annually. Visit the Office of Animal Services web site. 

Licenses & Permits

Pet Shop
Commercial Kennel
Equestrian Facility
Benevolent Organization (cares for stray or homeless animals)
Guard Dog Operator

Contact for additional information and application forms: 240-773-5932

Office of Consumer Protection (OCP)

OCP licenses a variety of businesses that provide services and sell products to consumers including automotive repair facilities, towing companies, new home builders, appliance repair firms, and pawn shops & consignment shops. Visit the OCP web site

Licenses & Permits

New Home Builders
Second-Hand Personal Property Dealers
Commercial Parking Lot
Motor Vehicle Repair, Maintenance & Towing
Radio, Television and Electrical Appliance Installation & Repair

Services & Resources

Consumer Protection Education & Outreach
Scams Targeting the Business Community
Business-to-Business Mediation Services

Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security  (OEMHS)

It is the mission of OEMHS to plan, coordinate, prevent, prepare for, and protect against major threats that may harm, disrupt, or destroy our communities, commerce, and institutions; and to effectively manage and coordinate the County's unified response, mitigation, and recovery from the consequences of such disasters or events should they occur.

Licenses & Permits

Hazardous Materials Permit

Services & Resources

Business Preparedness
Continuity Planning
Alert Montgomery

Office of Human Rights

The Montgomery County Office of Human Rights helps avoid and conciliate intergroup friction and to enforce human rights laws. Rights protected under the law cover employment, public accommodations, housing, and commercial real estate. Visit the Office of Human Rights  Employer’s News & Information  web site.

Regulations & Laws

Earned Sick & Safe Leave
Ban the Box
Minimum Wage/Overtime

Office of Procurement

The Office of Procurement facilitates the use of public funds to effectively procure goods, services, and construction in an inclusive, transparent and equitable manner that best serves County residents, businesses, and the public interest. Visit the Office of Procurement web site. 

Regulations & Laws

Procurement Laws and Regulations

Compliance Programs

Wage Requirements
Prevailing Wage

Services & Resources

Procurement Programs

Local Small Business Reserve
Local Business Preference
Local Business Subcontracting
Minority-, Female- & Disabled-owned
Procurement Program Reports
Vendor Resources

Public Libraries

Services & Resources

Online Resources
Events (Training & Workshops)