Racial Equity and Social Justice Committee


The Racial Equity and Social Justice Advisory Committee (Committee) was established by the County Council pursuant to Bill 27-19 (which was enacted on November 19, 2019, and became effective on March 2, 2020).


The Racial Equity and Social Justice Committee must:

  1. Adopt rules and procedures as necessary to perform its functions.
  2. Keep a record of its activities and minutes of all meetings, which must be kept on file and open to the public during business hours upon request.
  3. Develop and distribute information about racial equity and social justice in the County.
  4. Promote educational activities that increase the understanding of racial equity and social justice in the County.
  5. Recommend coordinated strategies for reducing racial and social justice inequity in the County.
  6. Advise the Council, the Executive, and County agencies about racial equity and social justice in the County, and recommend policies, programs, legislation, or regulations necessary to reduce racial and social justice inequity.
  7. Meet periodically with the racial equity and social justice lead for each department and office.
  8. Submit an annual report by December 1 of each year to the Executive and Council on the activities of the Committee.


There are fifteen voting members of the Racial Equity and Social Justice Advisory Committee (RESJAC). The group is comprised of seven government members and eight public members. Government representatives on the committee include: the County Office of Human Rights, a designee of the County Council, an employee of the County Department of Health and Human Services, an employee of the County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation, an officer of the County Police Department, and a designee of the Chair of the County Planning Board. All public members have experience in redressing disparate impacts based on race and social justice issues and reside in Montgomery County.

Members serve three-year terms. Public members are eligible for reimbursement for travel and dependent care for in-person meetings attended and may receive an annual stipend of $2000.00 compensation and reimbursement for expenses incurred in serving.

Committee Values

  • Intentionally and consistently pursue a reimagination of our institutions, systems, and structures to work towards an equitable county.
  • Utilize data and reference community feedback to inform and validate our decision-making.
  • Practice a shared leadership structure and collective decision-making process that fosters a whole community approach to advance equity.
  • Build a working knowledge of and support for our individual areas of expertise and lived experiences.
  • Increase public awareness of the RESJAC and our role to guide the implementation of the Racial Equity and Social Justice Act.
  • Build connections across government and the community at large.
  • Establish community trust in our expertise and guidance.
  • Promote community buy-in and participation in shaping policy and informing Montgomery County culture.
  • Increase the number of county residents who are committed to advancing racial equity and social justice.

Committee Bylaws

RESJ Committee ByLaws Document (pdf)

Committee Members

Community Members County Staff Committee Members
Dr. Pat Grant, Chair
Silver Spring
James Stowe, Vice Chair
Montgomery County, Office of Human Rights
Selena Mendy Singleton, Esq. Parliamentarian
Racial Equity Manager
Dr. Anthony R. Alston, Executive Director
Office of Strategic Initiatives
Montgomery County Public Schools
Sonia Canzater, 2nd Vice Chair
Aisha (Botten) Williams
Correctional Specialist
Montgomery County Dept. of Corrections
Jared Hautamaki
Silver Spring
Shawn Bartley, Esq.
Montgomery County Planning Board
Tasnuva Khan
Betty Lam 
Chief, Office of Community Affairs
Montgomery County Dept. of
Health and Human Services
Shane Lloyd
Silver Spring
Oneil Ormsby
Montgomery County Police Department
Gustavo Torres
Silver Spring
Joseph Hurst
Silver Spring
Issac Cudjoe
Akufuna Ngonda
Silver Spring
Judith Thomas-Mayorga

Community Forum

The Montgomery County Racial Equity and Social Justice Advisory Committee (RESJAC) hosted a virtual Community Forum on Sunday, June 26
The forum brought together the community and county leaders to talk about various topics including Food Insecurity, Health Justice, Housing, and Reparations. Speakers (in order of appearance):
Ms. Zola Shaw, RESJAC Vice Chair
Mr. Shane Lloyd, RESJAC Vice Chair
Nancy Navarro, Councilmember
Marc Elrich, County Executive
Dr. William A Darity Jr.
Ms. A. Kirsten Mullen


Tiffany Ward
Director, Office of Racial Equity and Social Justice
[email protected]