head up in parking lots

Heads Up in Parking Lots: Don’t run over people. Don’t get run over.

Pedestrian Collisions in Parking Lots are on the Rise

In 2012, there were 423 reported pedestrian collisions in Montgomery County. Of these collisions, 125, or about 30 percent, occurred in parking lots and garages – a 39 percent increase in one year and the third consecutive year that collisions in parking lots increased. What’s worse, nearly 20 percent of these collisions resulted in devastating injuries - about the same as occurred in countywide road collisions.

What Are We Doing About It?

Montgomery County is getting the word out to the public about pedestrian collisions in parking lots. Most people are very surprised to learn just how widespread these collisions are and how many of them cause severe injuries. We hope that educating both drivers and pedestrians can help change their attitudes and behaviors in parking lots.

How You Can Help

  • Practice safe walking and driving in parking lots and garages – Safety Tips  (English -  pdf | Español -  pdf).
  • Use social media and ask your friends to join the conversation about ways to stay safe.
  • Spread the word to your civic association, business group, school community, religious organization, etc.


Bus Shelter AD

Bus Shelter Ads - For Drivers
(English -  pdf)

Bus Shelter AD

Bus Shelter Ads - For Pedestrians
(English -  pdf)


Posters - 8.5" x 11"
(English -  pdf | Español -  pdf)

poster - 11x17

Posters - 11" x 17"
(English -  pdf | Español -  pdf)

Decals - 22" x 10"
(English -  pdf | Español -  pdf)

Bus AD

Interior & Exterior Bus Ads
(English -  pdf | Español -  pdf)

Tip Card

Tip Cards
(English -  pdf | Español -  pdf)

Strategic Plan:
Reducing Pedestrian Collisions
in Parking Lots and Garages ( pdf)