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Diving consists of a diver jumping from a springboard or platform and performing acrobatic maneuvers before plunging into water. Diving is a fun but challenging sport. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to become successful. We offer a range of classes that couple water workouts with dry land training, allowing divers to focus on building core strength and improving muscle development through various strength training routines, preparing you to compete in meets.

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Jo National Team

Ages 6-19
This is an invitation only program designed to prepare athletes for USA DIVING and collegiate competition. This is a year-round program focused on the highest levels of personal and team achievement.

National Development Program (NDP)

Ages 6-18
This is an invitation only program designed for young, highly talented athletes who aspire to compete at the highest levels in USA Diving competition. Participants train twice a week in the water and twice a week in dryland (a separate fee).

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Level 1: Learn to Dive

45 minutes • 15 min. dry | 30 min. water
This is for new divers under the age of 10. If your diver is a novice diver and 11 years old they should move to Level 2. Divers will begin to learn front and back entries and be able to identity positions required in diving. Divers should know front dive, back dive and progressions to front flip before they move to Level 2.

Level 2: Intermediate

90 minutes • 30 min. dry | 60 min. water
This is for novice divers about 10 years of age or divers ages 7-10 who have front dive, back dive and front flip skills with good attention spans. Divers will work toward front and back dives in positions such as tuck and pike, and adding rotations to front 1 and 1/2 and getting into inward dives and adding rotations to back skills. Divers may also spend time on 3-meter and platforms as time allows.

Level 3: Advanced

90 minutes • 30 min. dry | 60 min. water
This is for divers ages 7-10 with good attention spans and those 11 and older who are already doing front and back dives in positions tuck and/or pike. Divers must be able to complete a 1 and 1/2, have inward dive skills and do back rotations. The class will focus on the basics which are the building blocks to progressions. They will use this skill to add rotations to their dives to increase their degree of difficulty. Divers will work on twist progressions to develop a list of dives competitive with divers in their age group. Divers will be encouraged to learn new dives on 3-meter and platform if that is in their interest.

High School Diving

Ages 13-18
For divers interested in trying out for their High School diving team, or who want to improve their performance at Metros, Regional, and State Championship meets. Primary focus is on 1-meter springboard, but other equipment is used to build skills.

Springs Diving Team - Homeschool Edition

Ages 7-18
This class is appropriate for Level 2 and 3 divers who are homeschooled.

Masters Diving

Ages 19 and Up
It’s never too late to learn to dive. For adults who want to see what it’s all about, or for former competitive divers who aren’t quite ready to hang up the speedo.

Diving is one of the original "extreme sports" and gives a great adrenaline rush. All competitive diving is done from springboards set at 1-meter (3.3 feet) and 3-meters (9.8 feet) above the surface of the water. 

Health benefits of diving include:

  • Great exercise for strengthening the upper body, notably arm muscles.
  • Develops cardiovascular system, with the heart and lungs pumping oxygen around the blood stream.
  • Improves agility and flexibility.
  • Refreshes and focuses the mind from everyday distractions.
  • Tones muscles and betters posture.

Diving Facilities Information

Germantown Indoor Swim Center (GISC)

  • Two 1-meter Springboards
  • Two 3-meter Springboards
  • 5, 7, 10-meter Tower


KSAC diving

Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center (KSAC)

  • Two 1-meter Springboards
  • Two 3-meter Springboards
  • 3, 5, 7, 10-meter Tower



MLK Swim Center (MLK)

  • One 3-meter Springboard
  • Two 1-meter Springboards

Olney Swim Center (OSC)

  • One 1-meter Springboard
  • One 3-meter Springboard

Dryland Room

  • Located next to the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center
  • Includes dry boards, trampolines, harnesses
  • 1600 square feet

Current Diving Activities

We currently offer diving activities within our Aquatic facilities.

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