Council Summer Fellows Program

Program Background

The Montgomery County Council’s ten-week 2019 Summer Fellows Program was a unique opportunity that enabled graduate students between their first and second year of study to gain real world experience across multiple fields. The program was a collaboration among four independent organizations--the the Montgomery County Councill, the Council's Office of Legislative Oversight (OLO), Montgomery County's Economic Development Corporation and various departments within the County Government such as the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

This alliance provided multiple access points to innovative leaders who are shaping the future of Montgomery County in new and exciting ways. It also enabled participants to build an experience specifically tailored to their field of study. The program enabled participants to work directly with decision makers on ongoing projects, policy analyses and self-selected research projects. Participants interacted directly with elected officials, senior management staff, and depending on placement, local civic organizations, advocacy groups and business leaders.

Summer Fellows Brochure

2019 Fellow Final Reports

2018 Fellow Final Reports