Statement of Montgomery County Board of Elections Regarding the Reporting of Election Results

Montgomery County MD Election Day votes will be reported over the next few days and results will continue to increase over that time period.

This is due to an unanticipated issue related to precinct-level reporting for vote centers. The decision by the State Board of Elections to report results by precinct has resulted in a significant delay in the upload process. There is a lag time as results are uploaded individually from memory devices used with each scanner and the process is significantly slower than in previous years because of the required precinct based reporting implemented for this Presidential Election.

The State Board of Elections issued a media statement on this matter:

The Vote by Mail and provisional counts will occur as scheduled and those results will increase the vote total over the next several weeks as ballots are counted. The Montgomery County Board of Elections will conduct the canvass of Vote by Mail ballots as planned, starting on Thursday, November 5, 2020 beginning at 1:30 P.M. Please visit the Board of Elections at for the Canvass Schedule.