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Election Worker Program Overview


Election Workers and Election Judges are registered Maryland voters who volunteer to assist voters during the election process. Election Workers and Election Judges are instrumental in ensuring fair and accessible elections for all voters and protecting the integrity of the election process.  In accordance with Federal and State law, they must perform duties assigned by the local Board of Elections faithfully, diligently, and without partiality or prejudice.
Every election approximately 4,111 Election Judges and Election Workers are needed to fill a variety of roles to ensure the election is carried out honestly and accurately.

Volunteers may serve as:
  • Election Judges - facilitating the election in a polling place during Early Voting or on Election Day
  • Canvassers – assisting in canvassing mail voted mail-in ballots
  • Drop Box Attendants – retrieving ballots from designated drop boxes
  • Nursing Home Program – assisting voters in designated nursing homes

We offer a variety of positions with full-day and part-day hours of service. Some positions require prior experience and/or use of an automobile. Election Judges who are bilingual in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and French are needed to help voters requesting language assistance.

Election Judges and Election Workers receive a set stipend (payment), based on their assigned position. To receive the service stipend, you must successfully complete all required training, and fulfill all election duties to which you are assigned. 

* Election Judges who previously served as an Election Judge will receive a $100 bonus for each Election Day and/or each Early Voting Day served during the 2024 elections 


To participate you must:
  • Be a U.S. citizen and a registered voter in Maryland.
  • Be at least 16 years of age or older (parental permission is required for 16- or 17-year-olds) and if needed, complete the Permission slip  and return with your application.
  • Not be legally prohibited from entering onto the property of a school or being near children.
  • Be able to clearly and fluently speak, read and legibly write the English language.
  • Not serve as a campaign manager for a candidate or as the treasurer for a campaign finance entity. Under Maryland law, an Election Worker may not hold or be a candidate for any elective public or political party office or any office created under the Constitution or Laws of the State. 
  • Be able to work the hours required for the position selected.
  • Be able to lift up to approximately 25 pounds with assistance
  • Successfully complete all required training.
  • Work courteously and patiently with the public and coworkers.
  • Attend a mandatory meeting on the Monday evening prior to each election at the assigned polling location.


Polling places and Early Voting centers in Montgomery County are accessible and provide accommodations to voters and poll workers who might prefer or need it. If you have any questions about accessibility, you may contact your election worker recruiter.


Election Workers with Spanish speaking fluency are especially needed as the Board of Elections assigns Election Workers who are fluent in Spanish to every polling place in accordance with the requirements of Section 203 of the 1975 Voting Rights Act. Bilingual workers are needed for Early Voting and Election Day.


To ensure that Montgomery County citizens are provided with the best election experience, we ask that Election Workers adhere to the  Election Worker Code of Conduct (COC) which governs individual responsibilities and polling place behavior. Violation of the Codes of Conduct may result in removal from the Montgomery County Election Worker program. The Code of Conduct will be reviewed and signed in training.


An accurately informed and properly trained Election Worker decreases the possibility of errors in the operation of a polling place on Election Day. Maryland law requires Election Workers to complete training as a condition of appointment. The General Assembly of Maryland reviews the laws and procedures that govern elections each year and may pass legislation that changes the way elections are conducted.

Poll Worker training is conducted in two parts—(1) online and (2) in-person.  The online training quiz must be passed, and the in-person training class must be successfully completed.  In-person training classes are position specific and are held at various locations throughout the county.  A training class schedule for the various positions will be provided to each worker upon completion of the online training quiz.  

Canvass training is conducted in-person prior to your service as a canvasser.

Nursing Home Program training is conducted in-person prior to your service.

Drop Box Attendant training will be conducted in-person at the Board of Elections main office. A portion of this training will require you to travel to a nearby drop box to learn the proper procedures.


Applications are accepted year-round; however, if a volunteer wishes to serve as an Election Worker in a specific election, it is strongly encouraged individuals apply early for the best chance of receiving preferred placement.  Applications received close to the election date will be processed and volunteers will be assigned to a position and/or polling locations that have vacancies. Applicants may request information on available positions by contacting the Recruitment Team. Applications are accepted at the Board of Elections office during normal business hours, by mail, fax, or email (scanned). 

There are three easy ways to apply:
  1. Use the  EJ Connection  portal to complete the online Election Worker Aplplication.  
  2. Download a  printable application .  It may be submitted by mail, email, fax or in person. 
Mail Election Worker Applications to:
Montgomery County Board of Elections
Election Worker Program
18753 N. Frederick Ave. Suite 210
Gaithersburg MD, 20879

Email Election Worker Applications to:
[email protected]

Fax Election Worker Applications to: 
240-777-8578 Attention: Election Worker Program
3.  Call 240-777-8533 and request a printed application be mailed to you. 

 Once your application has been processed by the Election Worker Recruitment office, you will receive an email with instructions on the next steps.


We have teamed up with Montgomery County’s Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security and its Alert Montgomery emergency notification system to send text and e-mail messages to the election’s community, in the event of delays, closures, or emergencies at voting locations, training sites and our offices.

Sign up for text and e-mail messages

Those registering for emergency notification will be requested to give their name, e-mail address and phone number, and then to choose the Election Alert option. Please note that while signing up for Alert Montgomery is free of charge, wireless carriers may charge users a fee to receive text messages.

Check the Board of Elections web site at  for information about closures or delays due to inclement weather or other emergencies. If the Montgomery County Government is closed, our offices are closed, and all training classes are cancelled.

Call the Election Worker office on 240-777-8533 to hear an updated message in the event of closures or delays.

In the event an individual training class is cancelled, an email will be sent to all affected participants.


General Information - 240-777-8533
Email -  [email protected]
Fax- 240-777-8578

Montgomery County Board of Elections
18753 North Frederick Avenue, Suite 210
Gaithersburg, MD 20879