Important Dates

November 8,  2022 Gubernatorial General Election 

Deadline to Submit an Election Worker Application:   Tuesday,October 18,  2022
 Applications are accepted year-round; however, the deadline to apply to work in a specific election is three weeks  prior to Election Day. Applications are accepted online, in our office during normal business hours, by mail, email (scanned) or fax.  Applications received after the deadline may be processed or held for the next election.


Election Judge Training: September 7, 2022
Election workers must complete all of the training for their assigned position each election. We offer an extensive class schedule to fit your calendar; including morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes. In-Person Training sessions are held primarily at various locations in the county. Specific dates, times and locations of training classes are available to registered election workers by logging into EJ Connection


Precinct Staffing Lists (Chiefs Only): Tuesday, October 18, 2022
Chiefs that have completed training and are assigned to a precinct may view and print the Precinct Staffing List for their assigned precinct in EJ Connection. The list is available for Election Day Chiefs only.

Deadline to Register to Vote or Change Party Affiliation:  Tuesday, October 18, 2022  
All election workers must be registered to vote in Maryland. Unregistered applicants should submit a Voter Registration Application (VRA) prior to or along with their Election Worker Application to be considered. Changes to name, address and/or party affiliation must be received by the registration deadline to be valid for the upcoming election.


Deadline to Request a Mail-In Ballot:  Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Election workers are requested to vote by Mail-In Ballot or during early voting.  Mail-In ballots can be mailed to the worker’s home address or voted in person at the Board of Elections prior to Election Day. Call 240-777-8683 for more information, including how to submit Mail-In ballot applications online. 

Election Worker Payments:

Checks are mailed six (6) weeks after each election. See Position Description and Paymenfor information on the specific amounts for each position.