Apply to Serve as an Election Worker


Applications are accepted year-round; however, if a volunteer wishes to serve as an Election Worker in a specific election, it is strongly encouraged individuals apply early for the best chance of receiving preferred placement.  Applications received close to the election date will be processed and volunteers will be assigned to a position and/or polling locations that have vacancies. Before applying, please visit the Position Description/Payment page to learn about the available positions.  Applications are accepted at the Board of Elections office during normal business hours, by mail, fax, or email (scanned). 

Select a method below to apply:

  1. Use the EJ Connection portal to complete the online Election Worker Application or
  2. Download a printable application. A completed application may be submitted by mail, email, fax or in person.

    Mail Election Worker Applications to:
    Montgomery County Board of Elections
    Election Worker Program
    18753 N. Frederick Ave. Suite 210
    Gaithersburg, MD 20879

    Email Election Worker Applications to:
    [email protected]

    Fax Election Worker Applications to:
    Election Worker Program

Once an application has been processed by the recruitment office, an email with instructions on the next steps will be sent to the applicant.  This may take two to five business days.


To be eligible to serve as an Election Worker, one must successfully complete all required training. Instructions on how to complete training will be provided by a Recruiter. Assignments will be provided after training is successfully completed. Precinct assignments are made on a  first come, first serve basis; so, it is important that training is scheduled early. Completing training early in the process affords election volunteers the opportunity to work their “home” precinct.

Election Worker training is conducted in two parts. Some positions may require more than one In-Person training class.


The Quiz is the first part of your training and is conducted on-line. To prepare for the quiz, access to the Election Judge Manual will be provided in the Training Materials on the website.  Read chapters one through four of the Election Judge Manual and complete the Quiz.  Once the Quiz is completed successfully with a passing score, a recruiter will review the quiz results and email the applicant information regarding the next steps. This may take two to five business days. An applicant will have two chances to pass the quiz. If the second attempt to pass the quiz was unsuccessful, an applicant will be unable to move forward with participation for the upcoming election.

In-Person Training

The In-Person Training is the second part of Election Worker training.  After passing the quiz, a Recruiter will email volunteers their Election Day and/r early voting service position with instructions to sign-up for an in-person training class for that position. More information on training will be available when training begins for the 2024 Elections.


Election Worker Assignments: An Election Worker Recruiter will notify volunteers of their Election Day and/or Early Voting assignment locations three (3) weeks prior to Election Day or the start of early voting.  Assignments are provided to election workers who successfully complete all the required training. Precinct assignments are made based on specific criteria decided by the Board of Elections and on a  first come, first serve basis – so it is important to complete training early (Note: Training opens mid-February 2024). If training is completed early in an election cycle, an election worker has the potential opportunity to work in their “home” or voting precinct. Only election workers assigned by the Board of Elections are authorized to serve in the precinct polling place and/or Early Voting Center.

Your Election Day assignment includes the pre-election set-up meeting on the night prior to Election Day and service on Election Day. Beginning three (3) weeks prior to Election Day, chiefs will begin to contact the workers assigned to their precinct to discuss assignments and to confirm the time for the pre-election meeting.  The standard pre-election meeting time is 6:30 pm at the assigned precinct.  All Election Workers should report to their assigned precinct at 6:30 pm; unless notified otherwise by a Chief Judge or their recruiter .


Volunteers are to receive a service stipend (payment) for participation. Persons requesting a stipend must provide their full social security number (SSN) which may be entered on their application of by contacting Recruitment.  To be eligible to receive the service stipend, all required training and/or assigned election duties must be fulfilled.

* Election Workers who previously served as an election judge will receive a $100.00 bonus for each Election Day and/or each Early Voting Day served during the 2024 elections.

A volunteer may choose to opt out of receiving the service stipend by declining the stipend during the application process or any time thereafter.  If the stipend is declined, a SSN is not required. You will need to select the “decline stipend” option on the application or contact Recruitment to update your record.

The service stipends are paid by check and mailed six (6) weeks after the election to the address of record.

High school students have the option to receive Student Service Learning (SSL) hours in lieu of the stipend. The SSL forms are emailed to each student about six (6) weeks after the election.