Early Voting Standby (EVStby) election workers who complete training have been selected to serve as on-call workers.  A limited number of standby positions are required for early voting.  In the days prior to early voting, a standby election worker may be reassigned to a specific early voting center to fill a vacancy.

Note: This position cannot be requested. Assignments are made by recruiters on an as needed basis.  In the event we are unable to contact you to serve, the training and standby stipends will not be paid.  Failure to serve, when and where assigned, will result in forfeiture of stipends.


  • Willingness and transportation to travel to any early voting center within the county
  • Serve as a replacement for a worker who is no longer available
  • Complete all required training
  • Sign and return a Standby Judge Agreement for the election (required for payment)
Note:  Early Voting Chiefs and all Early Voting Operations workers (Includes EVVOP-P and EVSPN) are on standby from the day their signed Standby Agreement is received by their recruiter until they are assigned.

Early Voting Payment:  See Standby Agreement                           Training Payment:    See Standby Agreement
* Election Workers who previously served as an Election Judge will receive a $100.00 bonus for each Election Day and/or each Early Voting Day served during the 2024 elections.
Early Voting Hours:  See Standby Agreement