Voting Operations Judge - Driver (VOP-D) is trained to carry out the duties associated with each functional area in the polling precinct. When the polls are officially closed, the VOP-D will at the direction of the Chief Judges transport critical materials to the Board of Elections or a designated regional upload site. Each precinct is staffed with one VOP-D.


  • Work as a team to set up the polling precinct the evening prior to the election
  • Check in voters at the electronic pollbook
  • Issue ballots to voters
  • Escort voters to the voting area and, if asked, give instructions on the voting process, using the scanner or ballot marking device
  • Work as a team to close the polling precinct and prepare the materials and documentation to be returned to the Board of Elections
  • Rotate to other duties and assist as directed by the Chief Judges
  • When polls close - transport critical materials to the Board of Elections' office or a designated regional site location
  • Minimum age - 18 years

  • Complete all required training
  • Able to speak clearly, listen well and to be friendly and welcoming
  • Able to sit and/or stand for extended periods of time
  • Able to follow procedures; written and verbal instructions
  • Able to attend the mandatory pre-election meeting/set-up at the polling precinct the evening prior to election day
  • Automobile: required for use on election day to safely and securely transport materials directly to a designated Board of Elections' location immediately after leaving the precinct.  The vehicle may be a car, SUV, pick–up truck with a covered bed, or van.  Public transportation, taxi cabs, ride sharing services (Uber, Lyft, etc.), motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, and mopeds are not an acceptable means of transportation to serve in this position.
  • Cell Phone: required for use on election day to communicate with the Board of Elections staff while transporting critical materials.  In the event of any unusual or unplanned circumstance, the VOP-D Judge must be able to contact and be contacted by the Board of Elections immediately. 

Election Day Payment:          $250.00                      Training Payment:     $50.00
* Election Workers who previously served as an Election Judge will receive a $100.00 bonus for each Election Day and/or each Early Voting Day served during the 2024 elections.
Election Day Hours:              6:00 am – to approximately 9:30 pm