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The Montgomery County Board of Canvassers will convene at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 7, 2016.

Montgomery County, Maryland - 2016 Unofficial Presidential Election Results

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County Board of Election Services






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The Montgomery County Board of Elections provides a variety of products for public information. The products are available at the Board of Elections office, 18753-210 North Frederick Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. Voter registration information provided by the Board of Elections may not be used for purposes of commercial solicitations or any other business purpose (Article 33, Sections 3-507(a)(2)(i) & (ii) of the Annotated Code of Maryland). Many items are free of charge and are readily available; others must be ordered in advance and prepaid. There is a $25 charge for returned checks.



All voter registration data is reported as of the first of the month.  The applicant must be a registered voter of Maryland. 

Application for Data Request Click Here(PDF). 

(note : To view and print PDF documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader free here. )

Instructions for ordering voter registration information:

All products of voter registration information (CD-ROM or listing) must be ordered in the following manner:

1. A request form must be completed and an oath must be signed by a registered voter of Maryland, stating the information will be used for political purposes only.

2. Payment must be made by check, cash, or money order. Make checks payable to: Montgomery County, Maryland.

3. Your order will be available within three working days (maximum). The balance is due upon receipt of the order.

4. APPLICATION DEADLINE: Before any election, neither the State Administrator nor any election director may respond to an application for voter registration information unless the application was filed on or before the registration deadline. Applications received after that date shall be returned. (COMAR33.03.02.05B)

Media Forms and Costs

All voter registration information is prepared as of the first of the current month.

CD-ROM: County-wide voter registration file on CD-ROM. Records are presented as a flat, sequential file and in random sequence and includes Presidential and Gubernatorial election voting history. Data provided is as of the first of the month. Cost is $78 per CD and is available upon payment. For detailed information about the file contents click here. (NOTE:  To view and print PDF documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader free here. )

For more information, contact


Electronic list for absentee voters is available on a daily basis once the absentee ballots have arrived at the Board of Elections. An application must be completed and request must be ordered in advance. An order for Absentee Voter list continues for an entire election cycle and may not be canceled. Please call the Board of Elections for information concerning the arrival date of the Absentee Ballots.


  • Countywide
  • Congressional District
  • Legislative District
  • Council District
  • Board of Education District
  • Party affiliation - Primary Election only


Delivery: All electronic list transmission.

For more information, contact



Certification of Registration is official verification of voter registration in Montgomery County, embossed with the Montgomery County Seal. Registered voters may obtain the certification by mail with a check enclosed for $1.00 per person or in person; persons appearing at the Board of Elections office to register to vote and obtain a certification at the same time must provide 2 proofs of residency.

Cost: $1

Payment by cash or check; prepayment is necessary if mailed.

For more information, contact Laleta via email at


The Voter Notification Card is a confirmation of a voter's information (name, address, party affiliation, district or precinct boundary, polling place, and accessibility) at the time of registration, and of registered voters' information anytime a significant change is made to the record.

Cost: $1 per duplicate voter notification card when requested by voter

Payment by cash or check; prepayment is necessary if mailed.

For more information, contact Laleta via email at



Street maps of various district boundaries are available. In addition to streets and district boundaries, the maps show roads, hydrology and other visible entities. Payment is made by cash or check. Prepayment is necessary if mailed maps are requested. Small maps may be faxed.

Map sizes: Small, medium, large, and extra large
Small is 8 1/2" x 11", medium is 11" x 17", large is 32" x 42", and extra large is 4 sections, each 32" x 42".

Map prices: Except for free, small, countywide maps, prices range from $ .25 to $80. Mailing costs depend on volume, tubes and USPS rates.

Single small Precinct Map = $ .25
All precinct maps in binder = $40  Postage=$5.45
Medium District Maps = $ .50
Large County or District Maps = $20
Free: Small countywide maps

Map configurations showing district and/or precinct boundary for the following:

  • Congressional
  • Legislative
  • Councilmanic
  • Board of Education
  • Election
  • Precinct

For more information, contact Mrs. Rzeszut via email at




For information pertaining to campaign finance click here

For more information, contact Mrs. Rzeszut via email at




The general fee schedule is based on Title 14.02.07, Public Information Requests, of the Code of Maryland Regulations effective December 4, 1995.


  • Copies. When copies are made for an applicant by the office staff of the State Board of Elections or a local board, the cost per copy is $ .25 per page plus $17.37 per hour for any copying that requires more than 10 minutes of the employee's time. However, when records are not susceptible to photocopying (for example, punch cards, magnetic tapes, blueprints, and microfilm), the charge for reproducing the record will be based on available services and actual cost.



  • Certification of Copies. When a person requests that a copy of a record be certified, an additional cost of $1.00 per page for agency certification of a record as being a true copy of the original shall be charged.


If the fees for copies, printouts, photographs, or certified copies of any record are specifically prescribed by a law other than the Act, the specific fee contained in that law shall determine the amount charged for that record.

If the office staff is unable to copy a record within the office, he/she shall make arrangements for the prompt reproduction of the record at public or private facilities outside the office. The office staff shall collect from the applicant a fee based on actual cost.




The Board of Elections provides a variety of services to aid citizens in exercising their right to vote; to provide information to candidates and potential candidates for public office about filing for office and campaign funding; and to furnish information to the general public about candidates, elections, and accessibility to polling places.



A Sample Ballot is mailed to all registered voters in Montgomery County approximately one week before early voting begins for each Primary and General Election. The sample ballot is the ballot style the voter is required to vote for the election. The ballot style is based on the voter's residence address of record for both Primary and General Elections and, in addition, for Primary Elections only, the party affiliation of record. LARGE-TYPE SAMPLE BALLOTS ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. An online sample ballot is available as part of the Voter Lookup service of the State Board of Elections.

For more information, contact Mrs. Alysoun Mclaughlin, Elections Deputy Director via email at




The Board of Elections designates a polling place for every precinct. Where possible, the polling place is in the precinct and accessible. A registered voter is assigned a polling place based on residence information provided by the voter.


  • Accessibility for Registered Voters with Disabilities - If you are a voter with a disability, you may request reassignment to an accessible polling place. The request must be in writing and made no later than the close of registration (fifth Monday before an election). The reassigned polling place has the same ballot style as that of the initially assigned polling place.



  • Polling Place Lists - Two lists, polling place names in alphabetical sequence and polling place precinct numbers in numerical sequence, are available free of charge.


For more information, contact Mrs. Nancy Rzeszut, Polling Place Manager via email at mail to:



The Board of Elections provides candidate services and information including qualifications for office, candidacy filing requirements, deadlines, forms, and campaign finance regulations and reports.

For information pertaining to candidate information click here

"Requirements for Filing as a Candidate of a Recognized Political Party" - a complimentary booklet containing:


  • A listing of all elected offices for Montgomery County and the State of Maryland; qualifications for the offices and filing fees
  • Filing requirements for all offices; a list of required documents and where to obtain them; how, when, and where to file
  • Fund-raising account options; types of accounts; when fundraising may begin; necessary forms; qualifications, duties and responsibilities for Campaign Chairmen and Campaign Treasurers
  • A summary of requirements regarding campaign activity

Candidate List:

The Board of Elections maintains a current list of all candidates who have filed in Montgomery County for the next election; the list may also include candidates filed with the State Board of Elections in Annapolis.

Copies of Campaign Fund Reports for Montgomery County Candidates:

Copies of Campaign Fund Reports for Montgomery County candidates are available for inspection by the public. Photocopies cost $ .25 per page if copied by elections office staff.

Payment: Cash or check

Elected Officials List

A list of elected officials and their addresses, telephone numbers, FAX numbers, and e-mail addresses is available free of charge on web.

Election Calendar:

Election calendars from the State Board of Elections are available free of charge at the Board of Elections.

Financial Disclosure Information:

For information pertaining to financial disclosure click here

Political Signs:

The Board of Elections provides brochures from the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services and the State Highway Administration which explain the requirements of the Montgomery County zoning ordinances regulating the size, placement, and removal of political campaign signs, as well as regulations on posting signs adjacent to State highways.

For more information, contact Mrs. Rzeszut via email at