For Immediate Release:  March 1, 2018

Board of Elections Votes to Increase Advertising Budget for Gubernatorial Primary Election

At its meeting on February 26, 2018, the Montgomery County Board of Elections voted to increase its advertising budget for the upcoming gubernatorial primary election. This is the third year in a row that the Board of Elections has voted to reallocate funds to advertising from other line items. This year’s action shifted $8,220 in funding for a total advertising budget of $28,245.

Alex Vincent, chair of the Outreach Committee of the Montgomery County Board of Elections, pointed out that the advertising funds are spent on providing all voters with official information about where, when and how they can vote. Vincent said, “I am pleased that all Board members worked collaboratively to ensure that a wide cross-section of citizens, including those for whom English is a second language, will be able to hear and read our public service announcements for the upcoming primary election.”

Vincent noted that the department will absorb mandated county budget cuts in its overall budget. He also said, “Given the importance of our media effort, especially to minority language communities in Montgomery County, it was vital that we find a way to work together to maintain our commitment to advertising at the same level that we did in the 2016 election.” He noted the assistance of Board Secretary and former President, Mary Ann Keeffe, in working with Board staff to find additional funding which the Board agreed to with its unanimous vote.

These paid advertising funds supplement an award-winning outreach effort led by Board staff Outreach Coordinator Gilberto Zelaya. The department budget also includes $34,500 provided by the County Executive and County Council for a voter empowerment team of part-time employees who recruit pollworkers, provide voter registration services, and speak to groups across the county to dispel myths and provide facts about voting. Community groups that want to arrange a visit can call Gilberto Zelaya at 240-777-8532 or email

For other election information, call 240-777-VOTE, visit or follow the Montgomery County Board of Elections on Facebook or on Twitter or Instagram @777vote.

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Media Contact:  Gilberto Zelaya, 240-777-8532