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Future Vote - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Future Vote?

In 2004 the Montgomery County Board of Elections launched the Future Vote (FV) Initiative pilot. Future Vote’s intent is to increase current and future voter knowledge, educate and strengthen ties related to civic participation for Montgomery County’s youth and families by actively providing an opportunity for civic duty, community involvement, and emphasizing the importance of preserving participatory democracy.

What is a Student Election Aide?

Student Election Aides dispense voting-related literature, pick up trash, indicate restrooms and polling-room exits and help voters in wheelchairs. Student Election Aides are required to be sensitive and polite with all voters, including those with special needs and, if possible, provide information and /or assistance in a second language or in American Sign Language.

What are the hours of a Student Election Aide?

On Election Day students serve a 3-hour shift and are placed in precincts determined by their parents/guardians. At their assigned precinct, participants assist with pre-Election Day preparations to broaden their voting experience and knowledge in all facets of Election Day preparation, coordination and implementation.

What are the responsibilities of a Student Election Aide?

What training is required?

All Student Election Aides and a Parent/Guardian must attend a 1-hour mandatory training to participate; even returning Future Vote volunteers.

Are Student Election Aides paid?

No! Student Election Aides earn Student Service Learning Credits (SSL) for service. Documentation of all service performed will be sent via e-mail after the election is certified. Students must submit the service form to the SSL Coordinator at school. Future Vote has been pre-approved by the Montgomery County Volunteer Center and MCPS. Alternate forms may be submitted for approval by students not enrolled in MCPS.

How do I become a Student Election Aide?

How do I register my child(ren)?

1) Provide Parent/Guardian NAME, DATE of BIRTH and E-MAIL to receive temporary password.

2) Retrieve temporary password from e-mail account provided.

3) Click "Sign-In" to complete application process by typing in temporary password and e-mail provided at pre-registration.

4) Follow system prompt to change temporary password.

5) Complete Future Vote application by selecting training date and precinct location/shift during the online registration.

6) Parent/Guardian and child(ren) must attend mandatory training to serve.

7) Additional instructions provided at training.

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