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Bicycle Route

Bicycle Route

Bicycle Lane

Bicycle Lane

Bicycle Lane

Buffered Bike Lane

Bicycle Lane

Raised Separated Bike Lane

Bicycle Lane

Separated Bike Lane

Bicycle Lane

Shared-Lane Marking

Bicycle Lane

Shared Use Path

Bicycle Lane

Two-Way Sep. Bike Lane


The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) Division of Transportation Engineering (DTE) has the responsibility to plan and construct bikeways. The MCDOT is responsible for maintenance of bikepaths on State roads as well. All bikeways constructed by MCDOT comply with Federal Law under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In an effort to encourage more users to chose bicycling as a safe and desirable travel choice, MCDOT is constructing separated and protected bike lanes, adding sharrows in travel lanes and more directional bike route signs to make it easier for people of all ages and abilities to ride a bike.

The County offers nearly 100 miles of bike lanes, bike-friendly shoulders, and separated bike lanes (cycle tracks) countywide (including municipalities) which break down as:

  • 55.41 miles of properly marked bike lanes
  • 41.62 miles of bike-friendly shoulders
  • 1.68 miles of separated bike lanes

The County also offers 50.59 miles of signed shared roadway and 19.78 miles of sharrows for on-road cycling, as well as more than 284.48 miles of paved paths. MCDOT will be releasing a new online interactive map showing all of the bikeways this Fall.


The Montgomery County Bicycle Action Group (MCBAG) was created by the MCDOT in 1996 in order to gain input from citizens interested in recreational and on-road cycling issues. MCBAG is a group of citizens interested in recreational and on-road bicycling issues who gives advice to the Department on current issues, programs and projects relating to cycling in Montgomery County.

The MCBAG meets monthly to discuss and recommend positions on various issues on bicycling on a regional and local basis. MCBAG has approximately 100 members who are contacted by an e-mail mailing list. Anyone is welcome to attend. Please refer to the MCDOT calendar for meeting dates.


Patricia Shepherd, A.I.C.P., Capital Projects Manager/Bikeways Coordinator
Division of Transportation Engineering
100 Edison Park Dr., 4th Floor
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Phone: 240-777-7223

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