Election Worker - Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Election Worker or Election Judge?
What are the minimum requirements to be an Election Worker?
¿Cuales son los requisitos para ser un Juez Electoral?
What are the hours of an Election Worker?
What are the responsibilities of an Election Worker?
What training is required? 
Are Election Workers paid?
I have been an Election Worker before, do I need to fill out a new Questionnaire?

 What is an Election Worker or Election Judge?

An election worker is a registered Maryland voter who volunteers to assist voters on Election Day. For a more detailed description please see Overview.

What are the minimum requirements to be an Election Worker?

You must:

  1. Be registered to vote in Maryland;
  2. Be able to read, legibly write and clearly speak the English Language;
  3. Submit an "Election Worker Application" to the Board of Elections; and
  4. Successfully complete all required training

¿Cuales son los requisitos para ser un Trabajador Electoral?

Tiene que:

  1. Estar registrado para votar en Maryland;
  2. Poder leer, escribir y hablar claramente en Ingles;
  3. Someter una “Aplicación para Trabajador Electoral” a la Junta Electoral; y
  4. Haber completado los entrenamientos requeridos.

What are the hours of an Election Worker?

The hours vary by position and responsibility. On Election Day, most judges report to their assigned voting precincts at 6:00 am with part time and Closing Judges reporting at 2:00 pm and 6:30 pm respectively. We also have a limited number of part time evening positions starting at 7:30 pm. By law, all precincts close at 8:00 pm; however, any voters in line at 8:00 pm must be allowed to vote. The team of workers will be dismissed by the Chief Judges once all closing duties and documentation have been completed. 

What are the responsibilities of an Election Worker?

1. Uphold the integrity of elections

2. Complete all required trainings

3. Set up the polling place prior to the election and take down the equipment and pack the supplies after the election

4. Check-in voters

5. Process provisional voters

6. Assist voters at the voting machines

7. Assist as directed by the Chief Judge 

What training is required?

All election workers are required to complete two stages of training; Stage One (online) and Stage Two (in-person and hands-on).  The hands-on training classes vary in length of time by position. Most classes are completed in less than a day. 

Are Election Workers paid?

Yes, for attending training and working each Election Day. See Election Worker Position Descriptions for more information.

I have been an Election Worker before, do I need to fill out a new Questionnaire?

A new application is required for each election cycle (approximately every two years). Please log into the EJ Connection to update your record. If you have a question regarding your application status or have forgotten your login ID and password please contact the recruitment and training office.