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MCM Programming

MCM programming is produced by a skilled team of professionals that work to ensure high levels of both information and production values for the residents of Montgomery County. Over the years, the teams' efforts have earned CCM awards, accolades and recognition locally, as well as, nationally. Click the images or links below to visit each program's page. Once there, feel free to enjoy the archive of readily available mobile friendly video content. CTV shows produced or presented by the residents of Montgomery County, Maryland, for broadcast on County cable channels 19 (Access.19) and 21 (The Montgomery Channel), as well as being available via Montgomery Community Media’s website, are often referred to as community media, or public access shows. These shows cover a wide variety of topics, as diverse as the County’s producers and presenters wish to make available.

About Montgomery Community Media

Montgomery Community Media’s mission is to encourage and sponsor multimedia content by and for the residents of Montgomery County that meets community needs, engages residents and offers forums for free expression on both broadcast and broadband platforms. As the county’s official Community Media Center, MCM educates and empowers county residents by providing a means to creatively engage and more effectively connect them through television, broadband and mobile devices.

The Montgomery Channel is home to local arts, entertainment, news and public affairs programming presented and created by residents of Montgomery County and MCM. Channel 21 also features high quality children’s programming in Spanish Monday through Saturday mornings, courtesy of V-me and Maryland Public Television. Watch The Montgomery Channel in high definition (HD)  on Comcast channel 995,   Verizon  channel 21, or RCN channels 21 and 1055 (HD). 

Access.19 is a vibrant platform for community contributed programming in Montgomery County.  County residents create and/or submit programming of interest from a wide spectrum of topics, including continuing education, healthy lifestyles, local humanities and an inclusive variety of inspirational, faith-based programs.

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