Climate Change

Montgomery County takes action towards a more sustainable future

How to save energy at home

Learn how to effectively manage your lighting and avoid unnecessary energy and money waste. This informative video showcases clever tricks and handy gadgets that can help you optimize energy usage. By incorporating timers into your lighting routine, you'll effortlessly reduce your carbon footprint while keeping more money in your pocket. Watch the video now and unlock the secrets to efficient energy consumption.


Man adjusting the temperature on a thermostat

Montgomery County offers resources and support to help fight climate change.

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Burning, arid landscape

Climate Change 101

Understanding the science of climate change can be challenging and overwhelming, but we've got you covered with a quick and accessible solution. Check out the recommended video below featuring the charismatic Bill Nye the Science Guy. Gain a comprehensive yet easily digestible overview of this pressing global issue and start your journey towards climate literacy today!

Montgomery County Climate Action Plan

Montgomery County’s Climate Action Plan

Discover Montgomery County's Climate Action Plan, a strategic roadmap to tackle climate change head-on. This comprehensive PDF showcases initiatives ranging from clean energy to efficient buildings, sustainable transportation, climate adaptation, carbon sequestration, and more. Learn all about the efforts being done to create a greener and resilient future for Montgomery County.

Greenfest live podcast

Join our Climate Smart Initiative

Join the What's Happening MoCo Podcast for an exciting episode recorded live at the Montgomery County #Greenfest in Wheaton, MD. Listen to residents, small business owners, and government employees as they discuss sustainability. Discover inspiring stories and learn about the county's environmental initiatives!