Connect Montgomery Channels

Public Education and Government Cable Channels

County Cable Montgomery (CCM) is the local cable station to turn to for local government news, public affairs programming, live Council sessions and County Executive press conferences.  
Available on Comcast channels 6, 996 (HD)| RCN channel 1056 (HD)| Verizon channel 30
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Montgomery Community Media’s mission is to encourage and sponsor multimedia content by and for the residents of Montgomery County that meets community needs, engages residents and offers forums for free expression on both broadcast and broadband platforms. 
Available on 
Comcast channel 995 (HD)| RCN channels 21 and 1055 (HD)| Verizon channel 21
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MCPS Television is a full-service television and multimedia facility that produces programs for staff, parents, students, and the general community. Many programs are produced in multiple languages to reach the growing multi-cultural community in Montgomery County.  
Available on Comcast channels 34, 998 (HD) | RCN channels 89, 1058 (HD) | Verizon channel 36

Condado TV provides more than 4,200 hours of original Spanish language programming throughout the year.
Available on Comcast channel 33, Verizon channel 35, and RCN 88.
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Montgomery College Television provides video production services to Montgomery College, its faculty, staff and partners.  
Available on Comcast channels 10, 998 (HD)| RCN channels 10, 1059 (HD) | Verizon channel 10
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Our mission is to increase community awareness among citizens by airing municipal, educational, and social events within the municipalities we represent.  
Available on Comcast channel 16 | RCN channels 16, 1061 (HD) | Verizon channel 16
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Rockville 11 is the official award-winning government channel of the City of Rockville. Presenting programs on Comcast, Verizon and RCN channel 11, as well as 24/7 online streaming via the City’s website, Rockville 11 seeks to help resident connect with their city through video.  
Available on Comcast channel 997 (HD)| RCN channel 1057 (HD)| Verizon channel 11
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Takoma Park City TV is a government access channel in Montgomery County, Maryland, operated by the City of Takoma Park.  
Available on Comcast and RCN channel 13 | RCN channel 1060 (HD)| Verizon channel 28
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