Comcast channels 34, 998 (HD) | RCN channels 89, 1058 (HD) | Verizon channel 36

Comcast channels 34, 998 (HD)
RCN channels 36, 1058 (HD)
Verizon channel 89

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MCPS Programming

In a school district with nearly 140,000 students and more than 19,000 staff, and where families from 155 countries speak 119 different languages, MCPS Television plays an important role bridging schools to families, communicating important information and supporting training and staff development. MCPS TV is an essential component of the school district's collection of communication tools. It makes it easier for Montgomery County Public Schools to reach parents, studdents, staff, and the community by using television to help capture the attention and involve viewers.

About MCPS

MCPS Television is a full-service television and multimedia facility that produces programs for staff, parents, students, and the general community. Many programs are produced in multiple languages to reach the growing multi-cultural community in Montgomery County. MCPS TV programs can be viewed in HD on Comcast channel 998, in standard definition on Comcast channel 34, RCN channels 89 and 1058 (HD) and Verizon channel 36, as well as on the web. In addition, media are disseminated to schools, libraries, and other government agencies.

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