Comcast channel 997 (HD)
RCN channel 1057 (HD)
Verizon channel 11

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Rockville 11 Programming

Rockville 11 is a Government Access Channel granted to the City of Rockville per Federal law for the purpose of bringing news and information about Rockville’s government to residents. It is administered by Rockville 11, part of the Communication Division in the City Manager’s Office. Rockville 11 is a member of the PEG Network (Public Education Government) of Montgomery County.

About Rockville 11

Rockville 11 is the official award-winning government channel of the City of Rockville. Presenting programs on Comcast channel 997 (HD), RCN channel 1057 (HD) and Verizon channel 11, as well as 24/7 online streaming via the City’s website, Rockville 11 seeks to help citizens connect with their city through the medium of television. Programming includes news, live public meetings and special features highlighting the City’s neighborhoods and residents.

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