Scam Alert


Scams involving the COVID-19 vaccine are on the rise. Scammers are targeting residents to exploit and extract personal information, social security numbers, bank accounts, and even vaccine cards. The Connect Montgomery Alliance wants to keep your identity safe by providing you with the following resources:

County's COVID-19 Information Portal

Montgomery County’s COVID-19 portal is a comprehensive source for all news regarding COVID-19, testing, and vaccination. Stay up to date with the latest right from Montgomery County Government.

How to Spot a COVID Consumer SCAM

The Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection wants residents to be aware of the latest scams that target residents trying to get the COVID-10 vaccine.

Pre-Registration for the COVID-19 Vaccine

You could be eligible to register for the COVID-19 Vaccine. Pre-registration is now open for priority groups. Sign up vaccine updates.

Preparing for your COVID-19 Vaccine

Preparing for your COVID-19 Vaccine is very important. Find out what you can expect and how you can prepare in the COVID-19 information portal.