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Council Office Building
100 Maryland Avenue, 5th Floor
Rockville, MD 20850

Access for Individuals with Disabilities
If you need services to participate in any Council activity, please contact us as far in advance as possible: 240-777-7900, (MD Relay - Dial 711 or 800-201-7165)
Email to

Important Numbers

Main Line: 240- 777-7900 (voice), 240-777-7989 (Fax)
(MD Relay) Dial 711 or 800-201-7165
Legislative Information Services: 240-777-7910
Public Hearings Sign Up: 240-777-7803
Public Information/Media Relations: 240-777-7939
Council Administrator
Steve Farber
240-777-7941 Send Email to Steve Farber
Deputy Council Administrator
Glenn Orlin
240-777-7936 Send Email to Glenn Orlin
Legislative Information Officer
Neil Greenberger
240-777-7939 Send Email to Neil Greenberger
Administrative Services Coordinator
Mary Jane Berry
240-777-7930 Send Email to Mary Jane Berry
Clerk of the Council
Linda Lauer
240-777-7979 Send Email to Linda Lauer
Legislative Attorneys
Bob Drummer
Amanda Mihill
Josh Hamlin


Send Email to Bob Drummer
Send Email to Amanda Mihill
Send Email to Joseph Hamlin
Economic Development Jacob Sesker 240-777-7942 Send Email to Jacob Sesker
Environment Keith Levchenko 240-777-7944 Send Email to Keith Levchenko
Health/Housing Linda McMillan 240-777-7933 Send Email to Linda McMillan
Libraries/Recreation Vivian Yao 240-777-7820 Send Email to Vivian Yao
Montgomery College Essie McGuire 240-777-7938 Send Email to Essie McGuire
Public Safety Susan Farag 240-777-7921 Send Email to Susan Farag
Public Schools Essie McGuire 240-777-7813 Send Email to Essie McGuire
Transportation Glenn Orlin 240-777-7936 Send Email to Glenn Orlin
Planning/Parks Marlene Michaelson 240-777-7943 Send Email to Marlene Michaelson
Zoning Jeff Zyontz 240-777-7896 Send Email to Jeff Zyontz

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