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Budget Updates

The County Executive submits proposed capital and operating budgets to the Council by January 15 and March 15, respectively.

The Council then holds public hearings and deliberates on the spending and revenue proposals.

By June 1, the Council must take final action on the budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

The Executive has an item veto which the Council may override by six votes. As a result of a 1996 Charter amendment, a six-year CIP is prepared every other year in the second and fourth year of an Executive/Council term.

The capital budget includes spending for construction projects such as schools and roads and is financed largely through bonds. The operating budget includes expenses for personnel, programs and capital budget debt service (principal and interest payments on the bonds).

Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Updates

The County Council has received the FY17 Recommended Capital Budget and the FY17-22 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) recommendations from the County Executive, which can be found at

Check Operating Budget Program and Capital Improvement Program links below to get updates and staff reports.

Operating Budget Image

Operating Budget Program

Find detailed information on Operating Budget which includes spending for all Montogmery County government departments and agencies.

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Image for CIP

Capital Improvements Program

Find detailed information on Capital budget which includes spending for construction projects such as schools and roads.

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Open  Budget

Open Budget

Montgomery County now has online budget publications covering all County departments, agencies and projects. This information allows users to visualize County budgets and spending.

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Interactive Fiscal Plan

The “Interactive Fiscal Plan” is a online tool that allows users to input alternative assumptions into the Fiscal Plan and to explore alternative approaches to balancing the budget.

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Important Information

We want to hear from you!

Express Your Views: Email County Council

Call Budget Hotline: 240-777-7802

Budget Timeline

  • County Executive submits proposed Capital Improvements Program (CIP) and capital budget to the Council

  • Early February Capital Improvements Program (CIP) public hearings is scheduled.

  • County Executive submits proposed operating budget to the Council

  • Early March Operating Budget public hearings is scheduled.

  • Council must take final action on the budget no later than June 1. 

  • Each new fiscal year begins

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