Montgomery Serves Awards 2020

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Congratulations to the 2020 Montgomery Serves Awards honorees. These individuals, businesses, and groups have demonstrated remarkable commitment to service and volunteerism in our community, earning them Montgomery County's highest recognition for their contributions.

Roscoe R. Nix Distinguished Community Leadership Award Honorees

In appreciation of extraordinary contributions to the quality of our community


Winston Anderson

Dr. Winston Anderson

Through his decades of work as a scientist, academic, and activist, Winston Anderson has driven change and provided opportunities for African American and other minority representation in the sciences, locally and internationally. An avid collector of civil rights historical items and co-founder of the Sandy Spring Slave Museum and African Art Gallery, he has also extended his reach to cross-cultural communication expressed through history, the arts and the humanities.  Read more.

Jenny Sue Dunner

Jenny Sue Dunner

Jenny Sue Dunner has worked tirelessly to promote the quality of life for residents in Montgomery County since 1971, when she served as a neighborhood representative on the Citizens Coordinating Committee on Friendship Heights and discovered a passion for planning issues. Since then, she has championed the causes of neighborhood communities, built relationships between government entities and the residents they serve, and led bipartisan efforts designed to improve the representation of county residents.  Read more.

Anita Neal Powell

Anita Neal Powell

Lifelong Montgomery County resident Anita Neal Powell is the expert to turn to for information about Black history in the county. As the founding president and CEO of the Lincoln Park Historical Foundation and the Leroy E. Neal African American Research Center, she is committed to researching, documenting, preserving and sharing the rich cultural heritage of Montgomery County historically Black communities and other areas in the state. She is also a dedicated voting rights advocate, public speaker, and author.  Read more.

Neal Potter Path of Achievement Award Honorees

Honoring lifetime service by those age 60 and up


Bob Marques photo

Robert Marques

As a devoted volunteer with the Montgomery County Community Emergency Response Team and the Washington Grove Volunteer Fire Department, Robert Marques has served on CERT's Go-Team, performed community outreach, instructed classes, worked with teens, and served in various administrative capacities. In addition to serving public safety organizations, this Germantown resident volunteers with the Gaithersburg Help food bank, local churches, and the American Red Cross. Read more.

Wolfgang Mergner photo

Wolfgang Mergner

Among the many accomplishments of long-time community activist and Takoma Park resident Wolfgang Mergner is the development of the Village of Takoma Park, an all-volunteer organization that provides an array of  support services to hundreds of seniors and persons with disabilities who wish to live actively in the community. As president of the village's board, he remains actively involved in pursuing ways to increase capacity to serve residents in ways that are meaningful to them. Read more.

Volunteer of the Year Awards

Recognizing outstanding volunteer service performed the previous calendar year

John Frizzell

Volunteer of the Year

John Frizzell, a Rockville resident, has served as president of Rockville Meals on Wheels since 2016, and volunteered more than 1,000 hours to the organization in 2019. His dedication, approachable leadership style, and technical know-how have enabled the group to build its volunteer corps, improve efficiencies, and raise critical funds to complete its mission of delivering meals to Rockville community members in need every week. Read more.


Nick Casertano

Youth Volunteer of the Year

In 2019, Nick Casertano—a Gaithersburg resident and junior at St. Anselm’s Abbey School in Washington, DC—developed and led an outreach program for the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless, giving children an opportunity to use their imaginations and STEM skills to build LEGO creations. In addition to this program, Nick regularly volunteers at Maryvale Elementary School, Carroll Manor Nursing Home, and KID Museum. Read more.

Montgomery County Students for Change

Volunteer Group of the Year

Montgomery County Students for Change—comprised of teens from 15 chapters at public and private high schools throughout the county—provides local youth with an opportunity to tackle some of the most challenging issues of their generation, including gun violence prevention, climate reform, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. By organizing nonviolent demonstrations, lobbying, campaigning, and voter registration drives, this group is helping to change the way complex issues are addressed. Read more.



Business Volunteer of the Year

GEICO, based in Chevy Chase, has a corporate culture that encourages and supports employee volunteerism. Locally, this includes a partnership with Shepherd’s Table—a Silver Spring nonprofit serving some of the county's neediest residents—to provide reliable monthly meal services, passionate volunteer support for events, grassroots employee fundraising, and pro bono assistance with special projects. Read more.

Congratulations and Thank You to All 

Choosing our winners was not at all easy. We are grateful for the many impressive nominations and appreciate those who volunteer to make Montgomery County an even better place to live, work, play, raise a family and retire! 

2020 Montgomery Serves Awards Nominees

Bruce Adams, Ann “Nancy” Aldous, Zeinab Alshinawi, Dean Arnold, Aspire International Football Academy, Associated General Contractors of America, Lou August, Addison Barrett, Todd Bauer, Cavanaugh Bell, Zoë Bell, Pavan Bhat, Birthday Cakes 4 Free, Gina Bonazelli, Laurie Bright, Amber Briscoe, Kaniria Brunner-Scott, Stephen Bull, Darryl Burton, Mary Canapary, Nick Casertano, Faith Cheung, Dr. Alan Cheung, Lisa Cline, Delores Cole, Companions of Paradise, Morton (Morty) Davis, Debunking Homelessness/Bullis School, Jonina Duker, Jenny Sue Dunner, Rosie Engman, Robert Fagan, Fairytale Brides on a Shoestring Budget, Fashion Bootcamp, Jaden Faunteroy, Mark Fine, Carol Fivozinsky, 480 Club LLC, John Frizzell, GEICO, Gretchen Gilmore, GlaxoSmithKline, Margo Goldman, Catalina Gomez, GWGVF Junior Fire Brigade, Chris Hakenkamp, Peter Han, ICCP Hunger Van, JCA Village Riders, Audrey Johnson, Justice Arts Coalition, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity/Gaithersburg-Rockville Alumni Chapter, John “Jay” Kenney, Holly Lam, Charles "Chuck" Lee, Agnes Leshner, James Leslie Linde, Little Falls Village Volunteer Team, Love Link, Madeline Lyon, Pratyusha Mandal, Robert Marques, Oscar Martinez, Kathleen McGaun, Wolfgang Mergner, Matthew (Matt) Molot, Montgomery County Muslim Foundation, Montgomery County Students for Change, Montgomery County Thrift Shop Association Inc., Christina Montgomery, Jack Morton, Raha Murtaza, National Philharmonic Chorale Volunteers, NEST4US, John Noble, Rita Noble, Ijeoma Okoro, Hakan Onel, Veronica Ostrega, Doreen Cantor Paster, Patuxent River (MD) Chapter/The Links Inc., Politics and Prose, Lauren Poteat, JaLynn Prince, Silas Ramos, Cristiana Reid-Thompson, Judy Joy (JJ) Rein, Diego Reyes, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department, Olivia Rosemond, Ariel Ruiz, Madyann Saidi, Mahendra Sapa, Greta Schumacher, Elizabeth Scott, Joyce Seamens, Shepherd’s Table, Sigma Sigma Sigma Chapter/Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Barbara Skelly, Jeff Smith, Sebastien Sviatyi, Charlyn Tanner, Ashley Thommana, Carolyn Thompson, Kennedy Torres, Toys for Tots Germantown/Gaithersburg, Danielle Veith, Robert Wachen, Brady Wales, Lisa Weed, Kristen Weinberg, Cathy Wiss, Angela Woo, Emily Woo, Joe Wynn, Cindy Yi, Berwin Yuan 

2020 Montgomery Serves Awards Nominators

Sagri Acharya, Bruce Adams, Eitan Amster, Mark Anders, Jennifer Arapoff, Pazit Aviv, Suzanne Bagheri, Jeffrey Baker, Sarah Barrett, Natasha Bastien, Bernardine Beall, Linda Berg-Cross, Nazaret Berhane, Barbara Boney, Mike Bowman, Heather Boyle, Carolyn Brandon, Touré Breaker, Rachael Buck, Opal Burgess, Janaan Cary, Markia Chambers, Madhumita Chavan, Grace Cheung, Tracey Clay, Glenn Coleman, Ronna Cook, Mark Cottrell, Lissa Cunningham, Marco D'Ottavi, Corrado Dal Forno, Indrani Dial-Maraj, Tiffany Durden, Pam Eckerstrom, Rita Estiphanos, Dilshad Fakroddin, Amy Fier, Jamal Fox, Delphine Gardiner, Christopher Gates, Lynn Gertzog, Marie Gignilliat, Jonathon Gordon, Rebecca Grant, Rachel Greene, Marla Grossman, Paul R. Gunther, Lee (Yovita) Hadisurya, Kerry Harding, Kathleen Henning, Charlotte Holliday, Christine Hong, Tom Huppmann, Anne James, Laura Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Queen Jones, Betsey Katiti, Charles Kauffman, Andrea Kempner-Wink, Jilna Kothary, Catherine Land, Vita Larkin, Alan D. Lichtman, Ricardo Loaiza, Suzanne Lofhjelm, Johanna Lopez, Debra Loube, Chikkathur Madhavarao, David Magill, Sherri Malone, Yafeu Marston, Olivia Martindill, Jennifer McKenzie, Yvonne McKinney, Clarence McNeary, Edna Merida, Sandra Miller, Carissa Montier, Joe Mornini, Barbara Mulitz, Amy Neugebauer, Janet Neumann, Maggie O'Neill, Chimaobi Okoro, Nwakamma Okororie, Sarah Olson, Michaela Onel, Sheelagh Ortega, Shane Owens, Jennifer Peppe, Michelle Perera, Molly Peter, Jayasri Rajesh, Angela Rakis, Daniela Ramos, Elsa Reid, Tiffany Richardson, Lynn Rose, Sharon Rosemond, Lisa Rosenthal, Carol Ross, James Ruspi, Madyann Saidi, Rebecca San Sebastian, Nishtha Sanghani, Cate Sauri, Rebecca Schmaus, Elizabeth Scott, Nancy Scull, Llacey Simmons, Shivaram Sitaram, Jim Stowe, Robin Tacchetti, Elizabeth Tham, Lynette Tomlinson, Paul Tyser, Tracy Vandenbroek, Rhetta Vinson, Ellen Virden, Graham Walsh, Claudia Warren-Taylor, Gary Weinberg, Andrea Weisenthal, Melane Whelan, Stephanie Williams, Stella Woo, Amy Yontef-McGrath, Ellen Zavian, Lili Zhou, Tova Zimm



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