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Statement from Montgomery County Public Schools in response to questions about SSL hours during the current health crisis:

Given the current circumstances, we are encouraging our students to put their health and safety first. We understand that students likely will not have access to SSL opportunities during this time, and we recognize that there are a lot of concerns and anxiety around meeting the SSL graduation requirement or earning SSL awards. Considering that this is a public health crisis and the governor has called for a state of emergency, we are sure that this emergency closure will be taken into consideration. Our state and local school district staff are collaborating on a plan to support students with their service-learning needs, and we will communicate updates regarding SSL requirements as they are determined.

Virtual Volunteerings and Student Service Learning (SSL)

MCPS SSL guidelines have been modified to meet the service-learning needs of our students during this time period, and we are excited to announce that students can now earn SSL hours for some limited remote/virtual service completed from home under the supervision of an approved nonprofit organization. These virtual/remote SSL opportunities may be offered to our students until schools return to normal status

Please carefully review the temporarily amended MCPS SSL guidelines related to virtual volunteering that have been created to ensure that any virtual/remote service during this time maintains the safety and privacy of our students and adheres to the proper supervision and monitoring needed for SSL as a state graduation requirement. 

Questions? Email Donna Kleffman at

MCPS - Student Service Learning - SSL

The Volunteer Center works in partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) to show organizations and volunteer opportunities that have been reviewed by MCPS and meet MCPS guidelines for SSL. Look for the graduation cap icon above indicating MCPS SSL organizations and opportunities.  For more information regarding the MCPS SSL plan and requirements, please see the  MCPS website or contact the SSL coordinator in any middle or high school.

MCPS  SSL Opportunities . You can try searching by multiple search options to find SSL opportunities - enter your zip code or your age or a keyword or phrase to find opportunities close to home, for your age, or addressing a need that matters to you.  

There is no need to create an account on the website - you can find contact info for organizations when you click on the name of the organization.

MCPS SSL Organizations . These organizations have met the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) SSL guidelines. If the organization is actively recruiting volunteers, it will have volunteer opportunities posted.



SSL Program Overview


  • SSL is a Maryland state graduation requirement.
  • MCPS students may earn SSL hours from the summer after completing grade 5 through middle school and high school.
  • Students can earn SSL hours by serving in the community with organizations that have met MCPS SSL guidelines.
  • For more information regarding the MCPS SSL plan and requirements see the MCPS website or contact the SSL coordinator in any middle or high school.