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For Nonprofits and Government

The Montgomery County Volunteer Center connects volunteers and other resources with local nonprofit and government organizations to help you serve critical community needs.  Register your organization to recruit volunteers, access donations, and share resources on volunteer management. See FAQs on managing your account on our website. 

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Organizations may have one or more individuals as "managers" of your account.  If you are a manager of your organization's account, login with your own email address and password then find the link to "My Organization" on the top toolbar. 

We changed to a new software platform in September 2018 so things are looking different to our registered agencies! Get help and see more here on how to manage your account on the new system


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Nonprofit organizations and government agencies in Montgomery County Maryland and the surrounding area are encouraged to register to recruit volunteers and take advantage of our other programs and services. Organizations must have formal federal tax exempt status from the IRS in order to register. 

Learn more about  Student Service Learning  (SSL) Preapproval from Montgomery County Public Schools. 

Orientations for Organizations - Come to one of these monthly sessions to meet colleagues and learn more about our services.

Programs & Resources for Organizations

Recruit Volunteers - Keep active opportunities posted to recruit volunteers

Training & Networking - In addition to monthly orientations we host workshops focused on volunteer management

50+ Volunteer Network - This new initiative focuses on the rapidly growing 50+ population seeking purposeful volunteer opportunities

Student Service Learning (SSL) - We partner with MCPS to show opportunities that are preapproved for SSL on our website.

Days of Service  - Plan projects for MLK Day in January or Community Service Day in October

Hotlink Emails - Watch for weekly emails to registered agencies sharing information about donations from the community, grant funding, workshops and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Managing Your Agency Account

  1. I am an organization manager and do not know/lost my password.

    If you were the primary manager for your organization on the old system, and cannot locate your password, go to “ Login” link at the top of every page on our website,, and follow the instructions at the very bottom of the screen to reset your password.

    Remember that in the new system, passwords are assigned to users – and users are assigned as managers for organizations. Each person who needs to access your organization account – to add or update opportunities, to review responses to opportunities, etc. – will need to have a user account.
  2. I could update my organization in the old system, but now I cannot get logged in. What should I do?

    If you were not the primary manager for your organization on the old system, then you will need to create a user account on the new system. You can do that at by clicking on the button for “Signup” at the top of the page.  Make sure that you sign up as a “user” and not as an “organization” so that you don’t create a duplicate record. Once you have a user account, your primary organization manager can add your name to the list of managers for the organization.

    For more information, go to and look for the section on “Agency Managers”  
  3. Why can’t I find my organization in the new database? Do I need to re-register?
Organizations that were active on the old database as of August 17, 2017 were transferred to the new database. If you can’t find your organization on the new database, it may have been expired in the old system. You will need to re-register in the new database if you had not updated your account in more than 1 year.

If you are not sure if your organization is on the database, please check before registering to duplication. Go to Use the Search filters to select “Organizations” and you will see a drop-down box listing all organizations registered in the database.
  1. What is a “fan” in the new system?

    Potential volunteers who create user accounts can choose to “fan” an organization to express general interest in the organization in addition to (or rather than) responding to a specific opportunity. Each time your organization posts an opportunity, anyone who has “fanned” your organization will receive an email notifying them that something new has been posted. Encourage your volunteers to “fan” your organization every chance you get – it will help you recruit them for your next opportunity. Here’s more information on how to “fan”:
  1. What is the difference between events and opportunities?

    Opportunities are designed to help you recruit volunteers either for a one-day or ongoing need. Events are intended to publicize an event that is open to the general public. Both opportunities and events will be listed on the Volunteer Center calendar; however, only opportunities will be included in search results for people looking for a place to volunteer their time. 

    If you use Galaxy Digital’s online help, note that they refer to opportunities as “needs”. So, if you have questions about posting opportunities, you will need to search on “posting needs” on the Galaxy Digital help screens.
  1. How do I get my organization and opportunity approved for SSL?

    Organization: When you register as a new organization, you will receive an automated email with instructions on how to get approved for SSL. If your organization was previously approved for SSL, and you have attended an orientation in the last 3 years, you may still need to provide an updated certificate of insurance and/or MCPS Student Service Learning Organization Responsibility and Assurance Document. Those are required annually.

    Opportunity: When you add a new opportunity, click on the box for ‘Clusters’ under ‘Interests and Abilities’ and select “Request SSL Approval”. This will notify MCPS that you are requesting SSL approval for your opportunity. More information on SSL approval is available at Please contact Jennifer Herman,, 301-279-3454 for any questions on SSL requirements and approval.
  1. Are clusters only used for SSL? What exactly are they?

    Clusters are a great way to make it easier for specific groups of volunteers to find your opportunities. When you add an opportunity, look for the field called “Clusters”. It’s a bit further down on the page, just under the place where you select “interests & abilities”. Using the drop-down for “Clusters”, you can choose to request SSL approval, or flag your opportunity as good for corporate groups, court ordered services or skilled professional volunteers. You can select multiple “clusters” for any opportunity. There are links on the Volunteer Center website that immediately take volunteers to these clusters of opportunities – in just one click. So, it’s a great way to get your opportunity noticed by exactly the kind of people you are trying to recruit.
  1. How to use Minimum & Maximum Age Fields and Family Friendly checkbox?

    You can include a minimum age when posting an opportunity – in this database volunteers can search for opportunities by minimum age. When you include a minimum age there is a corresponding maximum age field that by default will be 120. Leave it at that number – that will show to the public as “and older”. So if you put 14 in the minimum age field and leave the maximum as 120 it will show on the website as “14 and older”. If you want only students for instance and you put 18 in the maximum age field then it will show as “Volunteers should be between the ages of 14 and 18”.

You will also see a checkbox that is another searchable filter for volunteers “ Family Friendly”. Check yes if your opportunity is one that adults can bring younger children along. So minimum age might be 18, but you’ll check ‘yes’ for family friendly if an adult can bring younger child along with them.
  1. Where can I find referrals for my opportunities?

    Referrals in the new system are called “responses”. All organization managers plus others that you add to the box for “additional notification recipients” on either the organization or opportunity will receive system notification when a potential volunteer responds to an opportunity. You can also look at all the responses for your opportunities through your organization record on the database. Log in and click on “Stats” or on the top toolbar where there is a bell showing to get to your “Inbox” this is a compilation of all the emails generated by the system. For more information, go to
    Or go to the particular opportunity and see those
  2. Can I use the new system to track a volunteer’s hours?

    Yes, but hours tracked on the system will not replace SSL forms that students are required to complete to get credit for volunteer hours. Visit for more information on this works. And please let us know if you are using this feature – we’d love to hear your feedback!
  3. How can I get on the list to receive the weekly the Hotlink newsletter? And how do I avoid getting too many emails from the website?

    Individuals identified as organization managers will automatically receive the Hotlink newsletter. Anyone else who wants to receive the Hotlink will need to be added as a manager or “additional notification recipient” to your organization account. (See #1, #2 and #3 above for more information on how to do that).

    But what if I want to receive the Hotlink only but don’t want to see all of the responses to opportunities? Login, and find the link to “Edit Profile” in the dropdown next to your initials in the top toolbar. Go to the very bottom of the page and turn off the option to “Receive system emails and messages” then click “update settings” to save. You’ll still be able to see all system generated emails when you login to your account.
  4. What is an “additional notification recipient” for an organization or opportunity?

    If you want someone to receive system notifications for responses and/or the Hotlink newsletters, but do not want him/her to be able to make changes to your account or add/change opportunities, you can add the name to this section. It is available at both the organization and opportunity level. Names added to this field do not need to have a user account on the system.
  5. Where can I find other hints and tips for using the system?

  6. Check out the “Organization Manager’s Toolbox” link when you are logged in to your organization. Or contact the Volunteer Center at or 240-777-2600. You can also register for one of our monthly orientations at
  1. What are some major differences between the old and new sites?

    ►In the old system, each organization had one account and password. In the new system, everyone needs a user account and can be added as a manager to an organization account. (See #1 and #2 above.)

    ►The new system has a module for Service Learning that Montgomery County is not currently using so you may see references to it on Help screens. Information on MCPS Student Service Learning can be found in #7 above.

    ►In the old system, you could simply hit “reply” to the email notifying you that a potential volunteer responded to your opportunity, and the email was sent to the volunteer’s email address. In the new system, you will need to create a new email to the volunteer’s email address – using reply will send your message to a Galaxy Digital mailbox that is not monitored. If you want to keep the original system email with volunteer details in the same string of emails as any other correspondence you are sending to that volunteer, try forwarding your email instead of using reply. You will need to type the volunteer’s email address into the “to” box of the forwarded email but it will let you keep it all together.