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For Nonprofits and Government

The Montgomery County Volunteer Center connects volunteers and other resources with local nonprofit and government organizations to help you serve critical community needs.  Register your organization to recruit volunteers, access donations, and share resources on volunteer management.

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Organizations may have one or more individuals as "managers" of your account.  If you are a manager of your organization's account, login with your own email address and password then find the link to "My Organization" on the top toolbar. 

We changed to a new software platform in September 2018 so things are looking different to our registered agencies! Get help and see more here on how to manage your account on the new system


New Organization?

Register Your Organization

Nonprofit organizations and government agencies in Montgomery County Maryland and the surrounding area are encouraged to register to recruit volunteers and take advantage of our other programs and services. Organizations must have formal federal tax exempt status from the IRS in order to register. 

Learn more about Student Service Learning  (SSL) Preapproval from Montgomery County Public Schools. 

Orientations for Organizations - Come to one of these monthly sessions to meet colleagues and learn more about our services.

Programs & Resources for Organizations

Recruit Volunteers - Keep active opportunities posted to recruit volunteers

Training & Networking - In addition to monthly orientations we host workshops focused on volunteer management

50+ Volunteer Network - This new initiative focuses on the rapidly growing 50+ population seeking purposeful volunteer opportunities

Student Service Learning (SSL) - We partner with MCPS to show opportunities that are preapproved for SSL on our website.

Days of Service  - Plan projects for MLK Day in January or Community Service Day in October

Hotlink Emails - Watch for weekly emails to registered agencies sharing information about donations from the community, grant funding, workshops and more.

Help for Current Agencies with Our Website Changes

Our old software is no longer being supported and so we upgraded to Get Connected by Galaxy Digital which offers many great features and is mobile-friendly as well.

What was Transferred?

  • Organizations and opportunities that were active as of August 17, 2017 were transferred over.
  • The primary contact person for each agency was transferred. 

How to Login - Get a New Password

For the new site, rather than one shared password for your organization, each individual will need a user account in order to log in to manage the information. You can still have multiple users with manager access to your organization’s account, but the primary manager will need to add additional managers once they have created a user account.

If you can't find the email with that temporary password:

  • you can get a new password by going to the login page and entering the email address for your primary contact and clicking on "forgot your password".
  • Or email or call us, 240-777-2600, so we can help. 

How to Manage Your Account Once You Login

After you log in, click on the link to “MY ORGANIZATION” at the top of the page to view and edit your organization’s info. You may see a welcome message - close that so you can see your organization's info. Be sure to upload your logo, review your listing for accuracy, and add any required information. When you’re done, make sure to click on the “UPDATE ORGANIZATION INFO” button to save your changes.

Once you’ve reviewed and updated your organization information, click on the “OPPORTUNITIES” tab under your organization name to review and edit those opportunities that were active when we transferred your information.

To change your password you'll be editing your individual profile. Click on the blue circle with your initials on the top right and select "Edit Profile" and see the "Change Password" options on that page.

What Didn’t Transfer

Inactive opportunities and any volunteer referrals you may have on our old database were not transferred. If you want to access old data, email Molly at to see what we have in the archived files. 

About Student Service Learning Preapproval

If your organization and opportunities were already preapproved for SSL by Montgomery County Public Schools on our old database, that status has transferred over. In addition, if you were already SSL preapproved, you will soon receive an email from new staff with the MCPS SSL program requesting updated information specific to SSL activities. Be sure to respond to that email to ensure continuation of your organization’s SSL status.

You will notice, once you go through some of the trainings, that this new tool offers an option for volunteers to keep track of their hours. This does NOT have any direct connection to the MCPS SSL requirement that students complete the paper forms to submit to their school for SSL hours. It is simply a tool that some volunteers and agencies might choose to use for their own record-keeping.

Training is available

To learn about all the system features and how to manage your account, visit the Galaxy Digital Help Center to sign up for one of the developer’s weekly webinars or to find a link for a prerecorded agency training session that you can watch any time. You can also learn more about the new system (and our other programs and services) at the Volunteer Center’s monthly agency orientations.

Give us feedback or ask questions

Please let us know about issues you see or questions you have using this  form to report on new website.

Thank you for taking the time to update your account!

We are looking forward to learning all the ins and outs of this new system together!